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Economic news(2015/08/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Trends in new car sales of personal consumption continues slump

2015-08-17 19:18:00
One indicator of the trend of personal consumption, domestic new car sales, and lower than the same month of the previous year in 7 consecutive months until last month, has become a form to support the stagnation of consumption.


Restaurant industry consumer-oriented bipolarization

2015-08-17 19:17:00
Amid this year personal consumption in GDP in April-June decline significantly, and consumer prices are not willing to spending even higher in the food service industry, two polarization that divided into a saving-oriented strong consumer is observed, It is seen a phenomenon that sales drop in stores of the middle of the price range in the Hazama.


Spread the influence of the Tianjin explosion Japanese companies

2015-08-17 18:58:00
Under the influence of the massive explosion that occurred in Tianjin of China, three days from a joint venture factory 17 days with local companies of Toyota Motor Corporation, in addition to became a shutdown, the Tianjin Port of functional recovery of harbor trade representative of China since it is late, it has also been concern that the impact on business is spread among Japanese companies.


Yen exchange rate modest price movements

2015-08-17 18:13:00
Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 17th of the beginning of the week is, are reserved aggressive trading is going to want to ascertain whether the US in such economic indicators to be released this week go ahead to when raising interest rates, the yen became a modest price movements.


Tokyo market share price rise in the beginning of the week

2015-08-17 15:50:00
Tokyo stock market on the 17th beginning of the week is out orders to buy a number of stocks from such that eased somewhat the sense of caution to the slowdown of the Chinese economy, the stock has risen.


The corporate governance at the Lotte extraordinary general meeting of shareholders the current management

2015-08-17 12:08:00
Lotte Holdings of confusion followed by the founding family inside of jockeying over the management, the 17th, to open an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, the current management team around the Akio Shigemitsu vice president of the second son of the founder, stable It was approved a bill that seek and to improve corporate governance by establishing a management structure.


GDP from April to June first time in three years minus

2015-08-17 08:54:00
This year GDP = gross domestic product of the April-June from personal consumption and exports that fell, the previous three months and 0.4% negative in real terms compared, minus in terms of the annual rate of 1 It was a minus to .6% and 3 quarters.


Spread development such as food retailers products of labor shortage

2015-08-17 05:45:00
From the fact that labor shortage has become acute in the food service industry, source and for business that can make cooking in a short time, such as a system to reduce the work of the employee, the movement to develop products and services for restaurants It has spread.


Modest growth in such as the world of trade China economic slowdown

2015-08-17 04:48:00
Last year world trade of one year, estimated in it becomes 18 trillion $ 700 billion more than, in response to such deceleration of the Chinese economy, the growth rate was 0.8% as compared to the previous year, was only modest.


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