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Economic news(2015/09/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Investment call to the Prime Minister in NY Japan

2015-09-28 23:02:00
Abe Prime Minister has visited the New York attended the seminar, which calls for investment in Japan, said, "to carrying out the reform with the aim of most business likely country in the world", top to such parties of the American companies that have invited We have to expand the sales.


Of the possibility of low GDP minus by Bank of Japan Governor moment

2015-09-28 20:58:00
In the Bank of Japan Kuroda press conference that opened in Osaka, about GDP = gross domestic product from July to September, it said, "In the past data as long as you see the of is difficult to determine to be the minus", now possibility that the GDP is negative at the time of I showed recognition that low.


Aso Deputy Prime Minister "support such as reconstruction road mid-materials shortage"

2015-09-28 20:48:00
Aso Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, told reporters in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture visited in the inspection of reconstruction situation of the Great East Japan Earthquake, did on the "reconstruction's middle road", labor shortage has become a problem in the affected areas so that shortage and materials is improved, it showed the idea to boost as a nation.


Keidanren Chairman "and the regulatory reform to GDP goals"

2015-09-28 20:22:00
Keidanren Sakakibara president at a press conference 28 days, for the goal of the GDP = gross domestic product, which Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been listed in the 600 trillion yen, showed a recognition that it is essential drastic regulatory reform to achieve.


Bank of Japan Governor "exports to gradually increase"

2015-09-28 20:14:00
Bank of Japan Kuroda is round-table with representatives of local economic organizations in Osaka, about the future of the Chinese economy slowing down is a concern, as growth was stabilized by such as fiscal policy is expected, exports from Japan temporary sluggish growth It showed the prospect of turn to a gradual increase although there.


US "Comcast" USJ acquisition announced an agreement

2015-09-28 17:04:00
America's leading media "Comcast" is, today announced that it has agreed to acquire the operating company of Osaka theme park "Universal Studios Japan". The price of the acquisition is that it amounts to more than 180 billion yen.


The Nikkei Stock Average 230 yen surplus drops

2015-09-28 15:41:00
Tokyo stock market beginning of the week is, from such as that spread the movement to ensure the immediate profit by selling the stocks that rose at the end of last week, the stock has fallen.


Mercedes-Benz "We neatly correspondence"

2015-09-28 13:36:00
New car in relation to the problem of Volkswagen of Germany has been equipped with illegal software in diesel cars, luxury car brand, Ueno Kintaro president of the Japanese subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz of Germany, which opened in Tokyo on the 28th In conference announcement "We correspond neatly to the exhaust gas regulations in each country," it said, has shown the idea that there is no change in diesel car sales policy.


But Chief Cabinet Secretary, "put together by the TPP unflagging resolve"

2015-09-28 12:54:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary in the morning of the press conference, Tour of the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, for the ministerial meeting of negotiations participation 12 countries to be held in the United States from 30 days, "we want to put together a negotiating successfully with unflagging resolve" It said, was to emphasize the idea that aims to realize the outline agreement in this meeting.


Stock price drops in the Tokyo market profit selling

2015-09-28 12:13:00
Tokyo stock market beginning of the week the stock price, etc. out movement to sell stocks that have risen at the end of last week to try to secure the immediate profit has fallen.


Even price cuts in some automobile insurance premium hike send-off

2015-09-28 05:11:00
A leading property and casualty insurance companies, on the grounds such as that has decreased this place traffic accident, the insurance premiums of automobile insurance, to see off the price increases that have followed the past few years, part of the company has decided to go ahead to the price cut.


German media "parts manufacturers warning in 2007"

2015-09-28 04:27:00
Volkswagen of Germany has been equipped with illegal software in diesel car problem, the German media, automotive parts manufacturers made this software for Volkswagen in 2007, software is only for use in the development stage With those, for mounting on a vehicle to be sold I was told that it had been warned that illegal.


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