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Economic news(2015/10/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

German paper "VW fraud summarized organizational and interim report."

2015-10-04 19:30:00
A problem that Volkswagen of Germany has been equipped with illegal software to diesel vehicles, is a leading paper of Germany, in the internal investigation of the company, fraud was reported to have organized the interim report to be to have been carried out systematic .


Yuzu of test cultivation to Fukushima, naraha specialty products resurrection

2015-10-04 19:20:00
Last month, at the evacuation instructions in Fukushima Prefecture naraha that has been canceled, an attempt to concatenate to the reconstruction of agriculture, was the town of specialty products, will be starting the experimental cultivation of citron or four days, and local producers We did the planting of seedlings.


TPP Ministerial Meeting negotiations in the final stages

2015-10-04 18:47:00
TPP = at the ministerial meeting of the negotiation participants 12 countries of the Pacific Rim partnership agreement, countries with the aim of outline agreement, has become a focal point for such protection period of development data of biopharmaceuticals, through the night, a confrontation point It has continued to consultation for solving, negotiations have reached the final stage.


Aim the confrontation point eliminated by TPP remaining time

2015-10-04 14:41:00
TPP = Ministerial Meeting of the Pacific partnership agreement, Japan is the entire meeting from 4 days before noon of time is opened, countries towards the outline agreement, for such protection period of development data of biopharmaceuticals that has become the focus, remaining It was confirmed a policy that aims to resolve the conflict point in time.


Begin TPP Ministerial Meeting Plenary

2015-10-04 12:02:00
Ministerial meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, beginning the entire meeting, the United States by extending the schedule again, in light of such consultation of the circumstances surrounding the protection period of development data of biopharmaceuticals that are going around Australia, It is seen that the final stage of the negotiations have continued.


Per principle distance from the Tokyo metropolitan area highway fee in April

2015-10-04 11:10:00
Three of the highway company, which operates the highway metropolitan area, the fee structure that is different for each road, to unify in the price per distance, and summarizes the new fee proposal, is the policy to be introduced from next year in April.


Strengthen services at the department store company countries Kei clause

2015-10-04 06:37:00
To fit in 7 consecutive holidays of the "National Day", which falls on the day of the China National Foundation has started from this month a day, department store companies, has strengthened further the service is trying to lure travelers from China.


TPP Ministers meeting again extended US-Australia talks focus

2015-10-04 04:47:00
Ministerial meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, in the United States of the proposal, was now able to continue the negotiations to extend the schedule again until five days Japan time. The United States, and around and protection period of development data of the focal point of the biopharmaceutical, and has piled up intensive discussions centered on Australia, a result of these talks is going to be able to affect the outcome of the entire TPP negotiations.


Net auction of used cars in Japan and Russia jointly

2015-10-04 04:15:00
In the Russian Far East of popular used car of Japan, a joint venture of the Russo-Japanese to sell, such as used car on the Internet auction begins, Japanese car popularity is expected to be further enhanced.


To accept the TPP negotiations Minister Amari 24 hours extension

2015-10-04 01:51:00
TPP = Tour of the Ministerial Meeting of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Amari economic recovery minister, after meeting with Froment Trade Representative of the United States, told reporters, schedule 24 hours a day, along with the accept the proposal of the US side would like to extend, It was revealed that it was the prospect that the negotiations will be continued.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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