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Economic news(2022/08/11)

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Disney Video Streaming Membership Announced, Surpassing Netflix

2022-08-11 17:07:00
American entertainment giant Walt Disney announced that the number of members of its Internet video distribution service, including its affiliated sports distribution service, has reached 221.1 million. exceeded.


4 Major Beer Makers 1st Half Earnings All Increased Sales

2022-08-11 10:10:00
The financial results of the four major beer makers for the first half of this year all increased due to the increase in sales of beer-based beverages for restaurants as the demand for eating out is returning.


Mr. Musk sells Tesla shares worth more than 900 billion yen in Japanese yen

2022-08-11 09:56:00
It turns out that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, an American electric car maker, has sold Tesla shares worth more than 900 billion yen in Japanese yen. There is also a view that it may be a move to prepare for the eventual purchase in a trial with social media giant Twitter, which withdrew its acquisition plan.


U.S. Aircraft Major Boeing 787 Deliveries Resume

2022-08-11 08:57:00
Boeing, a major American aircraft company, has resumed delivery of the 787 aircraft, which had been suspended in response to quality-related complaints from aviation authorities, with permission from the authorities. The issue is whether or not this will lead to a restructuring of management.


“Electricity shortage” Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry says fake email asking for personal information Beware

2022-08-11 08:20:00
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that it was necessary to confirm personal information in order to allocate electricity because the supply and demand of electricity was tight. calls attention.


NY yen exchange rate temporarily rises to the first half of the 132 yen level Dow average rises significantly

2022-08-11 06:24:00
In the New York financial market on the 10th, the growth of the US consumer price index in July was smaller than in June, and the view that the pace of interest rate hikes was accelerating receded. In addition, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose sharply.


U.S. July consumer price index rose 8.5% year-on-year, continuing record levels

2022-08-11 00:11:00
The US consumer price index for July was released and rose 8.5% compared to the same month last year. Although the rise in prices has slowed since June due to factors such as the downward trend in crude oil prices, record-level inflation continues.


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