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Economic news(2024/02/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

Minister of Economic Revitalization Shindo "mobilizes all policy measures to raise wages and supports the spring labor movement as much as possible"

2024-02-11 11:44:00
In a Sunday debate on NHK, Shindo, the Minister in charge of economic revitalization, said in a Sunday debate on NHK that the government will mobilize all its policies to achieve wage increases that exceed the price increases that the government is aiming for. I showed it.


Chinese stocks with “one loser” Escape money goes to Japan [Economy column from China]

2024-02-11 00:02:00
While stock markets in Japan and the United States continue to be active, there is no end to the decline in stock prices in China. Due to the worsening real estate recession, the outflow of investment money from the Chinese market is accelerating. It seems like ``one person loses''. In late January 2024, a Hong Kong court issued a liquidation order to the real estate giant Evergrande Group, which further worsened investor sentiment. Finally, a personnel change was announced, which appears to be a change in the head of the securities administration. It is said that the money flowing out of China is heading towards Japan, but what will happen next? (Naoto Shimomura, China General Bureau reporter)


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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