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Main news(2013/01/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

To each party talks on the Internet election ban

2013-01-31 20:59:00
At a meeting of the 31st, to understand an overview of the bill to ban almost entirely campaign using the Internet, which is prohibited by the Public Offices Election Law, Election System Research Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of the bill and opposition parties and Komeito from next week It was decided to begin consultations aimed at joint submission.


JOC Uemura strengthening chief resigns

2013-01-31 20:00:00
From Uemura Haruki chairman of the All Japan Judo Federation, to take responsibility for the issue in which acts of violence from such supervision in training camp of the Japanese national judo girls, Takeda Tsunekazu Chairman of JOC Japan Olympic Committee, strengthening general manager of JOC There is a proposal and would like to resign, it was revealed that it was accepted.


Women's judo Sonoda director resignation

2013-01-31 18:19:00
Sonoda Ryuji director if there is violence in the training camp of the Japanese national judo girls, received a reprimand disposal from the All Japan Judo Federation said, "can not be more than this, we will engage in strengthening", and would like to resign as director I showed the idea.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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