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Main news(2013/03/08)

Kyoto γ€€ Hakone

Big difference in the recovery area of ​​the fish processing industry

2013-03-08 20:01:00
It will be two years soon from the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, but in marine fabricators Sanriku coast that were damaged by the tsunami, a large difference occurs in the speed of recovery of factories by region, research NHK went at I became apparent.


Calls for caution in PM2.5

2013-03-08 19:32:00
For serious air pollution continues in China, the impact on Japan air pollutants, of PM2.5 has been a concern, but it has been predicted to exceed the guidelines the country summarizes the concentration of the contaminant in Yamaguchi Prefecture, going out I was warned to refrain.


Or stimulants transferred to arrest inmates a prison officer

2013-03-08 19:18:00
The arrested prison officer of the man of Fuchu prison in Tokyo as had been in possession of stimulants, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has investigated viewed as had been handed over to the stimulants man of inmates.


Note the snowstorm and strong winds were subjected to 10 days in northern Japan

2013-03-08 18:28:00
Temperatures rise nationwide, thaw is progressing in the area a lot of snow on the 8th. In northern Japan, it is expected that a strong wind swept under the influence of low pressure that develops between the 10th and Sunday the future, become a snowstorm, the Japan Meteorological Agency is calling to attention to such avalanches and blizzards.


To the closest approach to the sun comet bread Stars

2013-03-08 17:34:00
The 10th, two years ago, was discovered by observation facility in Hawaii "Pan Stars comet" is closest to the sun. If you are seen before and after the closest approach, to become a brightness of about 2, and the like stars from the first-magnitude star, we have that there is a possibility that the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan can be observed with the naked eye.


Kyoto γ€€ Mt.Fuji

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