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Main news(2013/04/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

Expect to China as "critical time" the United States Secretary

2013-04-13 19:34:00
The 13th and Xi Jinping Jintao of China, and held talks in Beijing, at the beginning, Kelly Secretary of State of the United States, serious time in the difficult problems such as the Middle East and Syria and nuclear weapons, and Iran, "the situation on the Korean Peninsula, some very it, "said some in, we showed the expected role of China towards detente of the situation on the Korean Peninsula.


Warm welcome at Suu Kyi meeting

2013-04-13 19:28:00
13, among which participated in the meeting of the Japan Myanmar in Tokyo, to receive an enthusiastic welcome, Aung San Suu Kyi led by the largest opposition party in Myanmar visited Japan, progress of democratization 27 years I have called for unity and cooperation for the development of the country and.


Or consultation, such as response to North Korea-US talks

2013-04-13 19:11:00
Kelly Secretary of State of the United States, the 13th, as well as to confirm each other that met with such as Wang Yi Foreign Minister and Xi Jinping Zemin in Beijing, China, the ongoing development of the Sino-US relations, North Korea takes a provocative attitude continued, is seen about the situation on the Korean Peninsula tensions are growing, and what was discussed the correspondence in the future.


I more than 500 buildings and housing damage in Awaji Island

2013-04-13 18:55:00
Early in the morning on the 13th, in the Hyogo Awaji, there was an earthquake to observe the violent shaking of seismic intensity 6 lower. In this earthquake, the city of three of Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, as a result of the investigation of the houses were damaged, in Awaji Island, the damage has come out in a building more than 500 houses so far.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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