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Main news(2013/06/15)

Kyoto   Hakone

7 win in the giant Kanno first career complete game

2013-06-15 21:50:00
6 games is performed AC game of professional baseball, rookie pitcher Kanno of giants in the first career complete game, I gained some 7 win in the league alone top.


The amphibious forces to Defense Minister island defense

2013-06-15 21:37:00
We showed the idea Onodera defense minister spoke in Nagasaki Prefecture Omura, in order to strengthen the defense of the islands, such as the Senkaku Islands of Okinawa Prefecture, that it is necessary to provide the amphibious troops to the Self-Defense Forces in reference to the Marine Corps of the United States .


Pakistan university school bus blast

2013-06-15 20:58:00
11 people were killed and 20 people were injured at least Schoolgirl school bus is blown up in the Women's University in Pakistan southwest, was riding, the local police of Islamic extremists that has denied the right to education of women We examined only the crime.


Turkish protesters leave request denied

2013-06-15 20:37:00
In Turkey the anti-government demonstrations followed, and to clarify the policy not respond to retreat from Istanbul center Erdogan was looking for, continue to protest, fears of a new conflict has been increasing protesters side.


Memorial visit acceptance of North Korea from Japan

2013-06-15 19:53:00
By acceptance from the 15th, the visit of memorial by families of Japanese who died among the chaos immediately after the war, to emphasize the humanitarian efforts, North Korea, the attitude that you want work to improve relations with Japan continue We send my man.


To a decision by early next month Oiigenpatsu continued operation

2013-06-15 19:12:00
For Ohi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture, which is the only operation in the country, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the country, made a field survey in order to confirm the safety on the basis of the new regulatory standards of the primary. Only after said, "did not have the impression that missing decisively", Salata Toyoshi members of the Regulatory Commission, shows the idea to determine whether to allow the continued operation of Oiigenpatsu by early next month directly below.


Keihin Tohoku Line southbound part operation postponed

2013-06-15 17:56:00
The JR Keihin Tohoku Line, under the influence of a failure of the signal that occurred in Tamachi to 5 o'clock pm, southbound train to Shinagawa from Higashijujo has suspended the operation.


The training of Osprey wear ship to MSDF destroyer

2013-06-15 16:58:00
On the deck of a large escort of the form, such as the aircraft carrier of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, training to landings the new Osprey transport aircraft of the United States Army, was held as part of the landing training being conducted in the United States west coast.


Luggage carry-out from the temporary office of Futaba-machi, Saitama

2013-06-15 15:54:00
After the nuclear accident, had been transferred to Saitama Prefecture Kazo functions of office, to return to Fukushima Prefecture to the moon the first time in 2 years and 3 about the functions of the office, the 15th, Fukushima Prefecture Futaba-cho, temporary office in Saitama Prefecture We had the task of unloading the luggage from.


Starting to like the G8 summit Prime Minister

2013-06-15 15:01:00
In order to face the summit for the first time with the countries in Eastern Europe and 4 G8 Summit = major countries summit, such as Poland, the afternoon on the 15th, Prime Minister Abe has left for visiting Poland first.


Providing information request publication number from Facebook, Microsoft officials

2013-06-15 13:55:00
A problem that intelligence agencies of the United States is collecting personal information in secret from such major telecommunications company, the 14th, Facebook, which operates a social networking site of the world's largest, and the number who received requests for information from the authorities, It was revealed that the climb to 10,000 from 9,000 in the second half of last year only.


Field survey of the safety check Oiigenpatsu new standard

2013-06-15 12:39:00
For Ohi nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture, which is the only operation in the country, in order to confirm the safety on the basis of the new regulatory standards of the primary to be implemented next month, the 15th, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the country, field survey I gave a.


President's Medal to Tereshkova

2013-06-15 11:10:00
Fifty years ago, it was a successful world's first space flight as a woman, you are sent a Medal former astronaut of Russia, against Tereshkova's, Russian President Vladimir Putin, focusing on space development by citing the country in the future I showed attitude go.


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