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Main news(2013/09/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Magic of optimism to "3"

2013-09-23 21:20:00
6 games is performed pro baseball, Rakuten is the premier reduce two magic number to win, Pacific League, has three.


The attention in the United States and the United Nations General Assembly Iran

2013-09-23 21:06:00
Rouhani Iranian President left for New York to attend the UN General Assembly, in his speech at the General Assembly, or some how come up with a movement that aimed to resolve the nuclear issue, and President Obama of the United States are severed diplomatic relations It is noted or the attempt to contact.


Note such as typhoons No. 20 north tidal wave

2013-09-23 20:12:00
Typhoon No. 20 has a north sea south of the Ogasawara Islands, while accompanied by a storm area. In addition to state of the heavy storm is followed by sea through the 24th, also in the coastal Kanto away from the typhoon, is expected to wave becomes higher with the swell, the Japan Meteorological Agency is calling to attention to such high waves in the Ogasawara Islands.


I go into intraparty coordination to Merkel coalition negotiations

2013-09-23 19:45:00
Federal elections in Germany, the ruling party led by Chancellor Angela Merkel has been won, but not reach the majority of alone, the 23rd, open the caucus of the party, Merkel, to the adjustment of the party towards the coalition negotiations entered.


Isolated state even now in Fukui road disruptions

2013-09-23 19:20:00
Under the influence of heavy rain caused by Typhoon 18, prefectural road is disrupted by landslides, isolated state is continuing even now, in Tsunekami peninsula of Fukui Prefecture Wakasa-cho, while life returns to its original little by little, passage of a car can not be situation has continued.


Scale of Prime Minister reconstruction measures costs maintain

2013-09-23 18:58:00
Told reporters, Prime Minister Abe also abolished by one year ahead of schedule in relation to the new economic measures to summarize in preparation for the increase in the consumption tax rate, are plus income tax a "special reconstruction corporation tax", It was emphasized the idea that will maintain the scale of the reconstruction cost measures that you are 25 trillion yen over five years.


A natural park or temporary closure of the brown bear footprints

2013-09-23 18:09:00
The 23rd of the last day of the three day weekend, in the natural park of Sapporo City suburb that had been crowded with such families, footprints can be seen as the brown bear is found, the park becomes a temporary closure hurriedly, many visitors were evacuated.


Aoki two hits and one RBI team victory

2013-09-23 17:07:00
22, competed in the No. 1 light to Cardinals game, Aoki Senoya players MLB, the Brewers were marked two hits and one RBI.


Married Kosuke Kitajima players Chisa's

2013-09-23 16:37:00
I announced that Kosuke Kitajima player was won two events in two consecutive tournaments until the Beijing Games in the men's breaststroke swimmer of the Olympics, married Chisa's music group of the "girl next door".


Chiba light aircraft is one injury crash landing

2013-09-23 16:04:00
Afternoon on the 23rd, a small plane crash-landed in the paddy field in Chiba Prefecture Yachiyo, 1 men copilot of the four who were aboard was injured in the face.


Number of students is still unknown in the student kick-off half

2013-09-23 15:46:00
Where it becomes '70 in this fall from student kick-off in the Pacific War, NHK has conducted a questionnaire survey of colleges and universities across the country, it was found that it is not possible to know the number of students that half has been drafted. Result of the aggregates the responses, approximately 40,000 people were recruited, the victim has risen to about 4,000, but seen to be more than this in fact, current situation where actual situation has not progressed Right now '70 emerges directly below.


Chiba light aircraft crash landing or paddy

2013-09-23 14:58:00
There was a 110 number and report it depends on the contact that entered the Chiba Prefectural Police Headquarters, light aircraft that had crash-landed in the paddy field, Chiba Yachiyo 25 at around 2:00 pm on the 23rd. When depends on the fire, it is that four people have been riding the light aircraft, one of the men that the pilot has been injured in the face of this. It is that there is consciousness of men. Fire and police has been studied in detail.


"In forgot is not Sumasa" diplomatic phase

2013-09-23 13:35:00
Issues that had been allowed to stand for a rail that exceeds the internal standards, such as difference in height or width, Ota of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister said that "it is not a problem that is Sumasa is forgotten, it's extremely regrettable" and, in the future, JR Hokkaido, management we showed the idea to consider the corresponding Based on the survey results for such systems.


Big difference in the number of violations of track maintenance at each site

2013-09-23 12:08:00
Problems without having to repair and width of rail exceeds the reference, JR Hokkaido, had been allowed to stand at 97 places, by track maintenance office that manages the rail, because there is a large difference in the number of violations of internal regulations, Land Department of Transportation conducted a special safety audit also 23, compares the contents of the track maintenance work at each site, we investigate and how of management and inspection.


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