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Main news(2015/01/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

Or barricaded to new in the east of Paris

2015-01-09 21:48:00
When you more to AFP communication of France, in the east of Paris, it is that a man with a gun to the store that sells food products based on the precepts of Judaism broke, has barricaded taking hostages. Reuters, and depends on the place where told as police of information, is that one person was injured. AFP communication 8th man of the day before that barricaded, tells that it is man and the same person that caused the shooting incident that occurred in the south of Paris. On the other hand, does not know the context of the shootings aimed at Paris newspaper.


Condolence Buddha embassy in Paris Prime Minister shootings

2015-01-09 21:36:00
Abe Prime Minister, to spree the gun a man who was armed with a Paris newspaper, in response to the incident that killed 12 people, the 9th evening, visited the French Embassy in Tokyo, condolences to the victims me was expressed.


Distrust in the corresponding customers who submitted complaints to McDonald's

2015-01-09 20:40:00
30 Adult Women of Osaka Kawachinagano who complained to those seen with the teeth of the people in French fries had been mixed in, has revealed a series of McDonald's distrust for the corresponding.


Also firefight hostage between brothers and police shootings

2015-01-09 19:29:00
In shootings aimed at the Paris of the newspaper, in the town of 40 kilometers from Paris, a new firefight occurs between the suspect's brother and police shootings, the brothers broke near the company, currently, 1 I am holed up people for hostage.


McDonald's last month of sales significantly decreased

2015-01-09 18:58:00
Japan sales of last year December McDonald's, a decrease of 21% over than the same month of the previous year from such that the lingering influence of expired food of problem use of Chinese food processing company, six consecutive months in the 2-digit of it became negative. In commodity even from earlier this month have been pointed out one after another case that foreign matter is mixed, sales of decline is likely to continue.


Publish Munenori Kawasaki Jishutore

2015-01-09 18:12:00
Last season, and played in the Blue Jays of Major League Baseball, Munenori Kawasaki players became free agents, and published a voluntary training you are doing in Fukuoka City said, "belongs is able to immediately move preparation Once you have determined" or was.


The firefight man two people and police officers armed with Buddha

2015-01-09 17:55:00
When you more to the French media, in places where the search for the perpetrators of the massacre has left about 40 km from the town of northern France, which has been carried out aimed at the Paris newspaper, 9th morning, two armed men and police officers There is a firefight between, is that currently, two people of tracking running away has been carried out. In addition, two people now, and broke into the company's office in the nearby, there is also information that is taking a hostage. Also I have examined the context of the massacre of the newspaper in the police.


Strategy Headquarters installation of cyber attack measures to Tokyo Olympics

2015-01-09 17:06:00
Government the 9th, established the "cyber security strategy headquarters" that headed by the Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary, and for the success of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic of 2020, such as information gathering and analysis of cyber attacks, to strengthen the monitoring readiness We decided to tackle.


17 people injured bus collides with pillar

2015-01-09 16:04:00
The 9th afternoon, buses of Tokyu is slammed into pillars of signal in Tokyo and Ota, and depends on the Tokyo Fire Department, passengers such as 17 people were injured, is that there is a little heavy degree of injury this out five is. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is arrested on suspicion of negligence driving injury the driver of the bus, we determine the cause of the accident.


The intrusion into the territorial waters of the ship three ships off the coast of Senkaku China Sea 警局

2015-01-09 15:36:00
The 9th afternoon, off the coast of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, invaded the territorial waters three ships ship of Japan's China Sea 警局, we continue to warn Coast Guard Headquarters comes immediately from territorial waters. The ship of the Chinese authorities had invaded the territorial waters of the Senkaku Islands off the coast, it is the first time this year.


Bites woman boys junior high school students arrested for serious injury 15-year-old

2015-01-09 14:57:00
9th morning, large Kegaoshi the 38-year-old woman in the residential area of ​​Wakayama Prefecture Kainan is stabbed, etc. back with a knife, police has arrested the boys junior high school 15-year-old who was at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder. Male students is that it is that talking with a "stab was trying to kill", have police examine the like motive.


Insect health center guidance McDonald's in the container

2015-01-09 14:12:00
Last year in September, at McDonald's Gunma Prefecture Yoshioka, as the size in a container of fries is had entered insects of the order of 1 cm, it was found that health center has been teaching the insect measures by the inspections year.


Or wood shipbuilding North Korea departure shipwrecked on the coast of Ishikawa Prefecture

2015-01-09 13:45:00
The 9th morning, on the coast of Ishikawa Prefecture Shiga, it is found the small wooden boat has washed ashore, police from such that Hangul is written on the hull, the ship can be seen to have drifted by departed North Korea , I am listening to the situation from the man who was riding.


Kishida to Foreign Minister Buddha Foreign Minister and the incident Tour exchange of opinions

2015-01-09 12:39:00
For Kishida Foreign Minister Cabinet after told reporters, as well as strongly condemns the shooting incident that occurred in Paris newspaper, met with French Fabius Foreign Minister when you tour India and Europe from next week, also an opinion on this incident has shown the idea to want exchanged.


Ambitious and search in the town center of Paris shootings north

2015-01-09 12:17:00
Man who was armed with a Paris newspaper is spree a gun, in the incident that killed 12 people, authorities, especially in the French northern town found a car that can be seen as two suspects were riding, night was devoted we are continuing a large-scale search.


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