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Main news(2015/01/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Surrender a man of Buddha hostage murder weapon transaction

2015-01-19 21:43:00
In barricaded incident that killed four people hostage in Paris of the grocery store, a man who had a deal of suspects and weapons to surrender to the Belgian police, investigators, the suspect is to get the weapons from this guy Seeing that there is also a possibility that he committed the crime Te we studied in detail.


The Hosono Mr. appointed to Edano Mr. policy chief to chief secretary

2015-01-19 21:15:00
In Officers under the Okada new representative of the Democratic Party, Mr. Yukio Edano to chief secretary is a principal of the party operated, is Goshi Hosono, who lost to Mr. Okada in the runoff election of representatives in policy research chairman, appointed each was.


The personal information 50 000 persons can access state such as performance

2015-01-19 20:54:00
In Tokyo Metropolitan University, information recording device that personal information of about 50,000 persons, such as student grades containing it was found that it had become a state that can be accessed from the outside through the Internet. Ever to have left records that are accessible from the outside more than 1000 times, I have studied in the university.


Democratic-Hosono Mr. policy chief acceptance expressed

2015-01-19 20:23:00
Hosono and former secretary general who lost to Okada and new representative in the runoff of the Democratic Party representative election, 19 day and night, told reporters, revealed that it has been approached the inauguration of the policy research chairman from Okada, this has shown the idea to accept.


Through such as animation production to contribute to the reconstruction of Fukushima

2015-01-19 19:45:00
The production company, known for such popular anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion", in terms of a press conference in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, was announced as the officially be provided with a production studio in junior high school that became closed down in the prefecture, such as through animation production We emphasized the idea that you want to contribute to the reconstruction.


World peace contribution for which is not repeated prime minister tragedy

2015-01-19 19:16:00
Abe Prime Minister that visited Israel to visit the "Holocaust Memorial" to commemorate the Jewish genocide of victims of Nazi Germany, this year is based on the fact that the post-war 70 years, a tragedy such as war and genocide so that it will not be repeated again, it was announced the peace and stability to actively contribute to going determination of the world as Japan.


And what was the video posting continue planning while a long period of time to escape

2015-01-19 18:08:00
In Tokyo metropolitan area of ​​super, getaway you can put a toothpick in the product, in the incident that videos, etc. have been posted on the Internet, such as have been or shoplifting, boy of 19-year-old has been arrested until March this year as the period, that it was a like item of expenses in the meantime to note was found in an interview to the Metropolitan Police Department. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the boy would draw attention, a long period of time, while fleeing, we examined only that it was planning to continue the posting of videos.


The situation that you can monitor the activities of the North Korean cyber troops

2015-01-19 17:11:00
American newspaper "New York Times", the Sony subsidiary last year, about the incident that received a cyber attack, from American intelligence agencies It was the situation that can be monitored to break into the network of North Korean cyber troops from 2010 America I was told that was able to assert the this incident with North Korea of ​​the crime.


To release the shape of a smartphone of KDDI "Garake"

2015-01-19 16:30:00
KDDI's communication giant, in a conventional mobile phone form that can be folded in a button type, function was decided to launch next month a new model that is close to the smartphone.


Democratic Okada new representative secretary general will continue Edano Mr. appointment

2015-01-19 16:03:00
Okada new representative of the Democratic Party, told reporters, a party officer personnel, the Secretary-General is a principal of party management, has revealed to be appointed Mr. Yukio Edano.


Cooperation confirmation aim government ruling council budget fiscal year established

2015-01-19 14:40:00
Government ruling council was held, in the ordinary Diet session to be convened next week, it was confirmed that it will continue to work closely with the government and the ruling party with the aim that it to establish a new year-2015 fiscal year budget during the year.


3 people arrested on extortion suspicion to prostrate image clerk to the net

2015-01-19 14:07:00
Last month, an image clerk of women in the bowling alley of Shiga Prefecture Omihachiman is to prostrate to customers posted on the Internet, police were arrested on suspicion of extortion the two girls of man and play fellow 27-year-old . Man, is that has been denied the charges as "just the other party has been arbitrarily prostrate."


Expect a constructive discussion in the National Assembly to Chief Cabinet Secretary Okada new representative

2015-01-19 12:29:00
Okada new representative of the Democratic Party, the 19th, and then embarked on executive personnel, such as secretary general. Kan Cabinet Secretary for Okada new representative, not only criticism of the Abe administration, and shows a specific policy, showed expected to perform a constructive discussion in the ordinary Diet session to be convened next week.


Toothpick video of boy "a remark force to be famous."

2015-01-19 12:17:00
In Tokyo metropolitan area of ​​super, you can put a toothpick in the product, in the incident that such as video, such as that or the shoplifting was posted on the Internet, boy of 19-year-old has been arrested, saying it is "famous that you have testimony that he wanted to increase the power "was found in an interview to the Metropolitan Police Department. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is that you post a video you pretending like you're shoplifting, have examined viewed as tried Abiyo attention.


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