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Main news(2020/04/29)

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Declaration of Emergency Situation Ending Severely on May 6 Prime Minister Abe Corona

2020-04-29 19:47:00
Regarding the declaration of an emergency until the 6th of next month, Prime Minister Abe told the House of Councilors Budget Committee that the number of infected people is still increasing, and said, "On May 6, It's over, I think we're still in a difficult situation. "


Declaration of Emergency Situation Extends Nationwide National Governors' Policy Decision New Corona

2020-04-29 18:45:00
Regarding the emergency declaration until the 6th of next month, the Governor's Association of Japan will continue the extension of the declaration targeting the whole country, saying that if some areas are lifted, there is a risk that new people will move. I decided to ask for.


Nationwide Governor's Association Pros and cons of admission in September New coronavirus

2020-04-29 18:38:00
While the spread of new coronavirus infection continued, there was a controversy at the meeting of the Governor's Association that there are calls to change the entrance time to September due to the prolonged school closure. .


Tokyo 9 new deaths Tokyo total deaths 117 new coronavirus

2020-04-29 18:35:00
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 29th that nine men and women who had been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus had died. Now there are 117 people who died in Tokyo.


Osaka Prefecture confirmed 44 newly infected 3 dead 3 new corona

2020-04-29 18:14:00
Osaka Prefecture announced on the 29th that 44 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. In addition, of those who have been confirmed to have been infected so far, two have died and one has been tested positive after death.


The appearance of Okinawa tourists calling for self-restraint is also a new coronavirus

2020-04-29 17:56:00
At Naha Airport, there were people visiting from outside the prefecture, while people were called on to refrain from traveling to Okinawa to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.


New corona infection of medical / nursing workers

2020-04-29 16:53:00
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has summarized the concept of recognition of occupational accidents when infected with the new coronavirus, and medical and nursing care workers have decided to recognize workers' accidents as a general rule, except when infections other than work are apparent. Also, in other jobs, if there is a high risk of infection due to customer service etc., we will make individual judgments even if we do not know the infection route.


New coronavirus 3.11 million people infected as of the world (as of 3:00 pm on 29th)

2020-04-29 15:56:00
According to a summary by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the world was 3,117,204 at 3:00 pm on the 29th of Japan time.


Osaka Governor Yoshimura's idea of ​​prolonging the declaration and promoting countermeasures New Corona

2020-04-29 15:42:00
Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture assumed that the declaration of the new coronavirus “emergency situation” until the 6th of next month will be extended in Osaka, saying that Osaka has the second highest number of infected people in Japan. He showed the idea of ​​advancing necessary measures. In addition, given that the period of school closure has been extended, he indicated that all schools should switch to admission in September.


New corona rice suicide female doctor commits to mental care issues for healthcare workers

2020-04-29 15:18:00
In New York City, where the infection with the new coronavirus is the most serious in the United States, a female doctor in her forties committing suicide while treating an infected person. It has been pointed out that the psychological burden in the harsh field has been highlighted, and the mental care of medical staff who treats the new coronavirus is an issue.


Passenger planes line up at the airport Shinkansen at the depot New Corona

2020-04-29 13:51:00
Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, airline companies have continued to drastically reduce flights even during large holidays, and it is a rare sight that passenger planes that are kept at Haneda Airport are lined up.


Admission in September Prime Minister “Consider various options” New Corona

2020-04-29 12:16:00
Prime Minister Abe also warned at the House of Representatives Budget Committee that the period of admission and the start of the new semester will be changed in September as the new coronavirus infection continues to spread. He said, "I would like to consider various options for Maehiro."


Died the day after "negative" judgment. New coronavirus for men in their 80s in Tokyo

2020-04-29 12:15:00
This month, a man in his 80s in Tokyo was killed due to a sudden change in physical condition the day after a new coronavirus test was determined to be "negative" I understood from the interview with The PCR test is a highly sensitive test method, but there are cases in which false positives and false negatives occur depending on the amount of virus, so experts say, “There is no change in physical condition even if it is judged negative once. I also want them to be consciously watching around me, and if they feel something is wrong, do not hesitate to ask for transportation to the hospital. ”


Patients with mild illness Released a list of 13 symptoms with high urgency Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare New Corona

2020-04-29 11:32:00
For patients with mild illness who are infected with the new coronavirus and are treated at accommodations or at home, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare says that the lips are purple and that you cannot breathe without sitting. We have published a list where you can check for high symptoms yourself.


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