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Main news(2020/05/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister decides to extend emergency declaration on 4th About 1 month for nationwide targets

2020-05-01 18:09:00
Regarding the declaration of an emergency that will expire on 6th of this month, Prime Minister Abe announced on the 4th of this month that he will extend it by about one month on the night of the 1st, while keeping the target area nationwide.


Tokyo confirmed 165 new infections Total 4317 in Tokyo New corona

2020-05-01 15:32:00
According to a person in Tokyo, it was confirmed that 165 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo every day. The number of infected people in Tokyo was below 50 for two consecutive days on April 29 and 30, but exceeded 100 for the first time in three days. With this, the total number of people confirmed to be infected in Tokyo was 4,317.


14,131 people infected in Japan (excluding cruise ships at Yokohama Port) New Corona

2020-05-01 15:16:00
So far, 6 people have been announced on the 1st, including 3 in Hiroshima, 2 in Hyogo, and 1 in Fukuoka. The number of people confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Japan was 14,131 including the quarantine at the airport, and the total number of passengers and passengers on the Yokohama Port cruise ship was 71523. So far, 455 people have been infected in Japan so far, and the total number of 13 passengers on Yokohama cruise ships is 468.


Kyoto city to carry out PCR test for all pregnant women who are about to give birth New Corona

2020-05-01 15:08:00
To alleviate pregnant women's anxiety about the new coronavirus, Kyoto City has decided to perform PCR tests on all pregnant women who are about to give birth, regardless of their symptoms.


Hyogo Prefecture's first pachinko parlor in Kobe City closed for the first time "instructions"

2020-05-01 13:57:00
Hyogo Prefecture is stronger than the Pachinko stores that have announced their store names, based on the Special Measures Law for Countermeasures against New Coronavirus, against three pachinko stores that have been open as of the day I issued an "instruction" for the closure, which is an administrative measure. This is the first time in Japan that an "instruction" is issued regarding suspension of work.


Proposal by the government's expert council "It is desirable to maintain the current efforts"

2020-05-01 13:03:00
After a government expert meeting on the new coronavirus, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura held a press conference. While the number of new infected people is on the decline, there is a suggestion that it would be desirable to maintain the current efforts for the time being, as infections could spread again if the thoroughgoing self-restraint was alleviated. I made it clear that it was issued.


Cash 100,000 yen payment New online corona application acceptance

2020-05-01 12:12:00
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a uniform cash payment of 100,000 yen has started to be accepted from 1st day in 679 municipalities nationwide for people with a My Number card.


Start accepting applications for Sustainable Benefits Provided as early as 8 days New Corona

2020-05-01 11:10:00
We have started accepting applications for "sustainable benefit" that will provide up to 2 million yen to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the spread of the new coronavirus. At the earliest, benefits are expected to be paid on the 8th of this month.


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