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Main news(2020/05/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

Cluster occurrence at Kitakyushu elementary school 97 people in the city in 9 days New corona

2020-05-31 22:41:00
In Kitakyushu City, 12 people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on the 31st. Of these, four are children who attend the same school as elementary school children whose infection was confirmed on 28th of this month, and Kitakyushu City said that a cluster of infected people, "cluster", occurred at this elementary school.


Domestic infected 16,912 dead 897 (excluding cruise ships) New Corona

2020-05-31 20:35:00
In Japan, a total of 35 infections have been announced so far in Fukuoka prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture, Hokkaido, Tokyo, etc. on the 31st. A total of three deaths were announced in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Fukuoka prefectures. The number of people confirmed to be infected in Japan was 16,912, including quarantine at airports, and 712 passengers and crew on cruise ships, for a total of 17,624 people. The number of people who died in Japan is 897, and the number of passengers on cruise ships is 13, making a total of 910 people.


US black man death case protest demonstration mob

2020-05-31 19:53:00
Protests have spread to more than 30 cities across the United States following the death of a black man who was detained by a white police officer in the United States, and at least some of them have been mobbed and plundered or vandalized. Curfew has been issued in 25 cities.


Two volunteers clean up on a national highway, hit by a truck and killed Fukushima

2020-05-31 19:46:00
On the morning of the 31st, two men and women in their 50s who were doing volunteer cleaning activities on the national highway of Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture, were hit by a truck and died. Police found a truck fleeing from the scene and arrested a man in his 50s who was driving without a license on suspicion of running and running.


Aquarium restarts after 3 months Limit on number of dolphin shows Kanagawa Fujisawa

2020-05-31 19:31:00
The aquarium in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, resumed operations on the 31st after an interval of about three months, following the cancellation of the emergency declaration.


Tokyo 1 dead, 5 new confirmed infections New coronavirus

2020-05-31 19:25:00
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on the 31st that it confirmed that five new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo. It is the first time in 6 days that the number of confirmed infections per day is less than 10.


Kitakyushu 12 newly confirmed infections New coronavirus for 9 consecutive days

2020-05-31 18:57:00
According to Kitakyushu City, it was confirmed that 12 new people in the city were infected with the new coronavirus. Infection was confirmed in Kitakyushu for the 9th consecutive day, with a total of 97 people. The total number of confirmed infections in Fukuoka Prefecture has reached 758.


Hong Kong “National Security Law” decision withdrawal of civic groups on the street

2020-05-31 18:35:00
In response to China's decision to introduce a "national security legislation" into Hong Kong, a civic group conducts street activities in Hong Kong, and it is decided that "the introduction of the legislation will lead to loss of freedom and rule by powerful politics". Appealed for the withdrawal.


U.S. private spacecraft "Crew Dragon" successfully launched by astronaut

2020-05-31 15:41:00
A spacecraft developed by an American private company was launched for the International Space Station with an astronaut for the first time 31 days before Japan time. The spacecraft will be detached as planned and the launch will be successful, and it will arrive at the International Space Station late 31st night. It is the first time in nine years since the US retired the Space Shuttle to send astronauts to the International Space Station on its own spacecraft, and it has been attracting attention as a symbol of the era when private companies are fully entering space development.


5 new infections in Tokyo 6 days for less than 10 people in a day New corona

2020-05-31 15:27:00
According to a person in Tokyo, it was confirmed on the 31st that 5 new people in Tokyo were infected with the new coronavirus. It is the first time in 6 days that the number of confirmed infections per day is less than 10. With this, the number of people confirmed to be infected in Tokyo totaled 5,236.


"Online wedding" Shiga Omi Shrine Corona influence

2020-05-31 14:45:00
While it is difficult for many people to get together under the influence of the new coronavirus, an "online wedding" was held at Omi Jingu Shrine in Otsu, where the wedding ceremony was delivered online.


Black man death case protest demonstrations across the U.S. Collision with police officers Increasing confusion

2020-05-31 14:33:00
Protests are being held all over the United States following the death of a black man who was detained by a white police officer in the United States. Of these, the conflict between the extreme participants and police continued in Minneapolis in the Midwest where the incident took place, and confusion has spread in southern Texas with eight police officers being injured due to the collision.


Kitakyushu 119 new facilities will be temporarily closed again due to the spread of new corona infection

2020-05-31 11:51:00
Kitakyushu City has temporarily closed the facilities of 119 new cities, such as museums in the city, again from 31st in response to the confirmation of new coronavirus infections.


Shikoku region enters rainy season 5 days earlier than normal

2020-05-31 11:48:00
Due to the influence of front lines and other factors, the weather in Shikoku has become cloudy and rainy, and the weather station announced on the 31st that "the Shikoku region has entered the rainy season." The rainy season in the Shikoku region is 5 days earlier than normal and 26 days earlier than last year.


What should I be wary of?

2020-05-31 10:27:00
[Video commentary 1 minute 40 seconds] When will the rainy season enter this year? Be alert for heavy local rain. What can you do now? Toshiyuki Minami I will tell you in the explanation of the weather forecaster. (This news is not available on data broadcasting)


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