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Political News(2015/01/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

This year merits summit diplomacy that is asked of challenges abound

2015-01-02 19:16:00
Abe Prime Minister, in addition to work on improving relations with South Korea is China and aggressive summit diplomacy this year, the idea that you want to achieve the Japan visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, amid countries of speculation and national interests are intertwined complex, diplomatic challenges abound How to advance the will to be questioned go or true value is.


Yamaguchi representative reduced tax rate, "the summary in early fall."

2015-01-02 12:41:00
Yamaguchi representative of New Komeito to stump speech in Tokyo, for the reduced tax rate of consumption tax, for simultaneously introducing raising and to 10% of the consumption tax rate of the year after April, and after the early fall of this year that solidified an overview of the system in I showed the idea that want to advance the legislation.


To the new working hours system discussion endgame of "reward in the outcome"

2015-01-02 07:06:00
new working hours system that determines the reward in the outcome rather than the hours worked this month, at the prospect of discussion in the Council of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare greet the endgame, focus or measures to prevent job and long labor of interest is included will be.


Do be compiled House of Representatives electoral system review specific proposals

2015-01-02 06:09:00
Committee of experts to consider a review of the electoral system of the House of Representatives also resumed this month, we have decided to enter the debate over the reduction of lawmakers constant, but a concrete plan acceptable among which there is a gap in the parties of the opinion Is it be compiled will become the focus.


And adhere to the policy of "dialogue and pressure" to the latch problem solving

2015-01-02 04:13:00
Government against North Korea, at the latest this year has been the in the summer, it is necessary to receive a final report of findings for the resolution of the abduction issue, while adhering to the policy of "dialogue and pressure", Beijing, China It has been that of go strengthen lobbying through the Japanese embassy, ​​such as diplomatic channels.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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