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Political News(2015/01/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

Yamaguchi's Saga Governor election rookie winner certainty

2015-01-11 22:28:00
Vote is carried out in Saga governor election 11 days due to the resignation of the previous governor, former Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications depopulation measures Office as an independent rookie Yamaguchi SachiYoshi Mr., defeating such as rookie of the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito is recommended, for the first time of I have to ensure the winning.


I Seriau Hiwatashi Mr. and Saga Governor election exit polls Yamaguchi Mr.

2015-01-11 20:51:00
Saga governor election vote is carried out in the 11th, I was closed at 8:00 pm. When NHK is more to voters exit polls that were conducted to target that finished the vote, and Yamaguchi SachiYoshi, the former Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications depopulation measures Office, is Hiwatashi Keisuke's Liberal Democratic Party and the Saga Takeo mayor before the New Komeito is recommended, not Seria~tsu you.


Condolence terrorist attacks Foreign Minister in the French embassy

2015-01-11 17:58:00
Kishida Foreign Minister, by a series of terrorist attacks, such as assault on newspaper in France, in response to the fact that 17 people were killed, visited the French Embassy in Tokyo, to the victim, table condolences was.


"A year is appropriate after the war in '70."

2015-01-11 17:38:00
Abe Prime Minister, to visit the Shizuoka Prefecture Oyama-cho, after the Shintaro Abe former Foreign Minister of grave of his grandfather Kishi former Prime Minister and his father, told reporters, would like to to Year worthy of the "post-war 70 anniversary and said he swore was "to grave, it had a renewed commitment to government management.


Democratic presidential election three candidates opposition restructuring carefully

2015-01-11 12:13:00
Sunday discussion of NHK, ran for representative election of the Democratic Party, long wife former Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, Hosono original Secretary-General, three Okada Acting, for the opposition restructuring, as we should prioritize the reconstruction of the Democratic Party, both carefully I have emphasized the attitude.


Futenma operation stop need local cooperation

2015-01-11 11:23:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary in the "Sunday discussion" of NHK, the idea that in order to realize the operation stop until the 2019 beginning of the US military Futenma base in Okinawa, which aims the government, but the beginning must have local cooperation Onaga governor of Okinawa Prefecture me showed.


The climax of the holiday to the Democratic Party presidential election district votes

2015-01-11 05:50:00
Representative election of the Democratic Party, from that vote the whereabouts of victory or defeat by mail of affect party members, supporters and councilors are closed on this week the 16th, with each camp, climax of movement this 3 day weekend is aimed at the acquisition of the local vote The look and, we are increasingly lobbying due to phone or postcard.


Kishida Foreign Minister in such tour Europe to Japan diplomacy outgoing

2015-01-11 04:51:00
Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs, together in India and Europe tour from this week, we have decided to talk a foreign policy in the two countries on the theme, based on the fact that this year is after the war in '70, Japan as a peaceful nation and adhering to the walk, it is thought to appeal the attitude that will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world in the future.


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