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Political News(2015/01/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

Korea-Japan Gillen president "the effort to comfort women problem solving"

2015-01-14 21:20:00
Seo Jung Won chairman of Korea-Japan Parliamentary League that have visited Japan, and met with Tanigaki secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, this year consisting of Korean diplomatic normalization day and '50, was the want to make your Japan-South Korea summit after in, that effort is the Japanese side to solve the so-called comfort women issue is I showed the idea that lead to early talks realization.


"Conspiracy" to bill submission send-off of new

2015-01-14 21:05:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary in the afternoon press conference, based on related bills to new subject to punishment if you have joined the conspiracy of planning, such as terrorism a "conspiracy", also circumstances that became the past three times scrapped , as it requires careful consideration, I have shown the submission forego thought to ordinary Diet session to be convened this month.


The Parliamentary activity costs of City Council everyone to external audit

2015-01-14 20:39:00
Tour of the Parliamentary activity costs to be paid to the parliamentary group of the Congress, in Ichikawa City Council of Chiba Prefecture, and two lawmakers groups that conflict established the "hundred Article Committee" respectively, unusual situation to investigate the spending of other group In response to that it has become, Ichikawa City, now doing an external audit of the Parliamentary activity costs for all of the legislators.


Onaga governor "Henoko not unacceptable"

2015-01-14 18:38:00
Onaga governor of Okinawa Prefecture, the first time to visit the Prime Minister's Office and met with Sugita Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary after taking office, while indicating appreciation such as Okinawa promotion budget of the new year - 2015 fiscal year budget, Nago of US military Futenma base relocation plan to Henoko I told the idea unacceptable.


Chief Cabinet Secretary counterterrorism and "thorough sake"

2015-01-14 16:51:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary at a press conference after an extraordinary cabinet meeting, in response to a series of terrorist attacks that occurred in France, along with the efforts to information collection and analysis, such as vigilance security of thorough and important facilities of border measures, counter-terrorism and abroad to national security, including the Japanese people, I showed the idea of ​​completeness.


And submitted to the Osaka Metropolis plan agreement Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

2015-01-14 16:41:00
Osaka and to restructuring by integrating Osaka, striking design diagram of Osaka Metropolis plan agreement is the 14th, has been submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Agreement is expected to after it has been approved by the Osaka Prefectural Assembly and Osaka City Council to be held next month, referendum asking the pros and cons of capital also initiative implemented this year in May is performed.


The verification of measures to effect handouts prevention

2015-01-14 16:30:00
Ishiba local creation Minister is to lecture in Tokyo, in order promote measures for local creation, in order to prevent the handouts of the so-called budget, a mechanism to objectively verify the effect of the measures in cooperation with such local council to develop, and showed the idea that you will seek to local governments.


The realization until the Japan-South Korea summit meeting in June

2015-01-14 16:05:00
Sun Nukaga original finance minister of the Liberal Democratic Party to serve the chairman Korean Parliamentarians are greeted at New Year's party of Mindan = Mindan to make in Japan Korean, it is 50 years since the Korean diplomatic normalization day, this year in June Toward the realization of Japan-Korea summit meeting of up to, we showed the idea that efforts to environmental improvement as Parliamentarians.


National civil service capacity to about 1,100 net decrease

2015-01-14 13:39:00
The government, at an extraordinary cabinet meeting of the 14th, while the capacity of government officials of the new year - 2015 fiscal year, to increase the personnel that impinges on and strengthening of response and security arrangements to foreign travelers who are aiming to increase, efficiency advances, etc., Overall, it was decided to approximately 1,100 net decrease from the current fiscal year.


I below Okinawa promotion budget 5 years

2015-01-14 12:32:00
Government in the new year - 2015 fiscal year budget, which were determined 14 days of the Cabinet, in Okinawa promotion budget is 334 billion yen, the some use from such that local government has decreased the bulk grant which is determined on a voluntary basis, the first time in five years I was lower than the initial budget of the previous year to.


The Futenma base relocation 170 billion yen on the extra

2015-01-14 11:26:00
The government, in the new year - 2015 fiscal year budget, which were determined 14 days of the Cabinet, in connection with the relocation plan to Henoko in Nago of US military Futenma base in Okinawa Prefecture, the reclamation work that aims to start from this year around summer expenses such as, I have recorded a 100 billion yen or more often 170 billion yen over from this year.


400 capital is directed to the hydrogen society billion to fund new

2015-01-14 05:12:00
Order to promote the use of hydrogen, which is attracting attention as the next generation of energy source, Tokyo newly provided a fund of 40 billion yen, the spread of "fuel cell vehicles" that use the hydrogen before the Olympic and Paralympic after five years in fuel and, I decided to intensively tackle policy such as the development of facilities for supplying hydrogen.


Constitutional amendment "need a" 33% "no need" 29%

2015-01-14 04:18:00
In NHK poll, When asked whether there is a need to amend the now of the Constitution, the "amendment to I think there is a need" is 33%, and "I think that there is no need to amend" 29%, "which both Nonetheless not "is it was 31 percent.


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