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Political News(2015/02/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Ukraine peace solve Japan Poland joint statement

2015-02-27 21:35:00
Abe Prime Minister and met with Komorowski President of Poland that visited Japan, the Ukraine situation that tension continues, did on that it is a serious threat to peace and stability, peacefully resolved in a manner that respects Ukraine's sovereignty was issued a joint statement to be and so it Rubeki.


The donation "no legal problem preventive measures considered"

2015-02-27 19:08:00
Abe Prime Minister in the intensive deliberations of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, about what each of Mochizuki Environment Minister and Kamikawa Minister of Justice had received donations from companies that party branch that serves as the representative has been subsidized countries, legally in terms of the problem was that there is no, we showed the idea that I want to consider measures to prevent recurrence of such a case in the ruling and opposition parties.


Donations from party branch subsidy companies of Mochizuki Environment Minister

2015-02-27 17:16:00
Party branch of Mochizuki Minister of the Environment, I found that had received a donation of 1.4 million yen from Shizuoka companies that have been subsidized countries. That companies that have received a subsidy of the country to the donations from the grant decision within one year have been prohibited in principle, Mochizuki minister is not infringement of law because it did not know you have received a "subsidy , I have to have refund from moral standpoint. "


Discussion overseas Japanese rescue in security legislation ruling party consultation

2015-02-27 16:50:00
Opened the ruling party talks aimed at the development of security legislation, for the Japanese rescue abroad by the government side Self-Defense Forces, so that Atareru to SDF rescue activities in conditions such as the consent of the area countries, and want to do the legislation describes the was. In contrast, "Is it possible to ensure the safety of the Self-Defense Forces, unclear's" New Komeito of the ruling party as such, we have decided to go in search of specific description to the government side.


A concrete explanation to the government side in the Komei Japanese rescue

2015-02-27 16:25:00
Komeito Open a committee to consider the establishment of security legislation, for the Japanese rescue of overseas by the Self-Defense Forces, after another pointed out, such as it is not easy to ensure security situation of and gathering information about local, the safety of the Self-Defense Forces, government It was confirmed that it will seek a specific description on the side.


"The discussion that leads to consensus building" after the war in '70 discourse

2015-02-27 15:27:00
Abe Prime Minister to announce this year after the war in '70, "Prime Minister discourse" development experts meeting of Kitaoka Chair agency that has been installed towards the of, in the symposium, summarizes the history of as post-war Japan's peaceful nation, has shown the idea that we want to the like lead to national consensus discussion.


The central government to "local creation concierge"

2015-02-27 14:47:00
The government, as a "consultation" to help around the efforts to revitalize local, appointed the 871 staff members of the central government to "local creation concierge", Ishiba local creation minister after the cabinet meeting At a press conference, national and local is I have emphasized the idea that you want to achieve a local creation together.


Defense Minister "Okinawa Prefecture survey exceedingly regrettable"

2015-02-27 13:32:00
Nakatani defense minister at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, authorization and around the relocation plan of the US military Futenma base for that Okinawa has made a field survey, and said, "exceedingly's regrettable" and work towards the relocation of the county did on it and have done in the range, has shown the idea to proceed quietly to work in the future.


Prime Minister "Nishikawa before the Minister of accountability as lawmakers"

2015-02-27 12:39:00
Abe Prime Minister, in the intensive deliberations of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, is Nishikawa, before the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for pointed out that either dont have the declaration on the tax law in relation to that had received consulting fees from companies , Nishikawa before minister showed a recognition that we should fulfill the accountability in insight as a Member of Parliament.


Discussion such as the ruling party consultation ship inspection of security legislation

2015-02-27 12:16:00
Opened the ruling party talks aimed at the development of security legislation, government side for inspections to suspicious vessels of other countries by the Self-Defense Forces to perform during the "peripheral situation", did on expanding the range of activities, the consent of the captain has shown the idea to want to relax the requirements so as not to require. In contrast Komeito indicates a concern that there is a possibility of causing a collision unexpected if relieve requirements, now that continue to consult.


Examined in logistic support weapon use only of the Self-Defense Forces

2015-02-27 04:26:00
The government, for the logistic support to foreign troops by the Self-Defense Forces that want to set with a new permanent law, so that it does not integrated with the use of force that the Constitution forbids the use of weapons, as well as the Special Measures Law of the past, members we are studying in the direction to be limited to the protection of such foreign military personnel under its own and manage.


To Parliament political funding over problems with the ruling and opposition parties offense and defense

2015-02-27 04:13:00
Diet is a problem that the ruling side over the Nishikawa before the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and that it showed the material involved in the Council of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, while being a constant distinction is attached, opposition political funds of Ministers as being one after another were over problem, it is poised to strengthen the offensive such as pursue appointed responsibility of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the intensive deliberation of the Budget Committee, which is performed in the 27th.


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