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Political News(2022/08/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Defense Minister Hamada holds talks with US Ambassador to Japan Confirms close cooperation to strengthen Japan-US alliance

2022-08-17 19:03:00
For the first time since taking office, Defense Minister Hamada held talks with Emmanuel, the US Ambassador to Japan, and confirmed that they would work closely together to strengthen the Japan-US alliance.


Opposition parties to demand an extraordinary Diet convocation Due to the relationship between ministers and the former Unification Church

2022-08-17 14:32:00
Opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party demanded on the 18th to convene an extraordinary Diet session based on the provisions of the Constitution, saying that it was necessary to correct the government's stance on the relationship between the cabinet members of the second Kishida reshuffled cabinet and the former Unification Church. It was decided to submit the letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Hosoda.


Liberal Democratic Party Member of the House of Councilors Ikuina “June visit to former Unification Church-related facilities with Mr. Hagiuda”

2022-08-17 12:59:00
Akiko Ikuina of the Liberal Democratic Party, who was elected for the first time in the House of Councilors election, revealed that she visited a facility related to the former Unification Church in June this year with Hagiuda, chairman of the political affairs research.


Digital Minister Kono Inauguration Ceremony ``Create an open organization and actively promote it''

2022-08-17 12:24:00
At the inauguration ceremony held on the 17th, Digital Minister Kono expressed his intention to actively promote the creation of an open organization within the agency in order to accelerate digitization in Japan, where the population is declining and aging. rice field.


President Biden signs $430 billion bill to combat climate change

2022-08-17 08:06:00
President Biden of the United States signed a bill that invested a total of 430 billion dollars, or nearly 60 trillion yen in Japanese yen, for climate change measures, etc., and the law was enacted. As President Biden, he stresses that one of his signature policies has come true, and he wants to build momentum for the fall midterm elections.


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