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Political News(2022/10/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Chief Cabinet Secretary ``Possibility of North Korea's provocation including nuclear test, full effort in warning and surveillance''

2022-10-02 17:21:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno criticized North Korea for launching ballistic missiles at an unprecedented frequency, saying that it is absolutely unacceptable. As such, he emphasized the idea of ​​taking all possible measures such as vigilance and surveillance.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno visits the site of the abduction “Doing our best to realize return” Tottori Yoneko

2022-10-02 15:00:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno visited the site where Kyoko Matsumoto was abducted by North Korea in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture. He stressed that he would do everything in his power to bring the victims back to Japan.


Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Hagiuda "Electricity rate rises by 20% Need to return about half"

2022-10-02 13:32:00
Concerning the rise in electricity prices, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Policy Research Council, Hagiuda, pointed out that electricity prices for households have risen by about 20%. showed an idea.


Relationship between politics and the former Unification Church Ruling and opposition parties discuss NHK "Sunday debate"

2022-10-02 11:35:00
Regarding the former Unification Church, policymakers from the ruling and opposition parties exchanged opinions on NHK's "Sunday Debate" on damage prevention measures such as large donations, and the relationship between politics and the church.


Prime Minister Kishida to promote economic security “Accelerate investment in quantum, AI, biotechnology, etc.”

2022-10-02 10:52:00
At an international conference on science and technology held in Kyoto, Prime Minister Kishida expressed his intention to promote economic security through public-private partnerships in fields such as quantum, artificial intelligence (AI), and biotechnology, and to accelerate investment. rice field.


Japan-U.S.-Australia Defense Ministerial Meeting Confirms Further Strengthening of Defense Cooperation with China in Mind

2022-10-02 07:44:00
During his visit to Hawaii, Defense Minister Hamada held talks with defense ministers from the United States and Australia and further strengthened defense cooperation among the three countries, bearing in mind China's rapidly increasing influence in the Pacific island nations. I confirmed that I will continue.


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