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Political News(2023/02/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications appeals to more than 70% of all citizens to apply for “Myna Card”

2023-02-23 18:13:00
As of the 21st, the number of people who applied for a My Number Card exceeded 70% of all citizens. In order to further popularize the system, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Matsumoto called for applications to be made as soon as possible, considering that the deadline for applying for cards eligible for "Minor Points 2nd" is until the end of this month.


Eight people, including Nobel laureates, ask Science Council of Japan to reconsider law revision

2023-02-23 08:12:00
Concerning the organization of the Science Council of Japan, Japanese Nobel laureates and others have expressed their intention to revise the law, including the introduction of a system in which a third party is involved in the selection of members by the government. A person issued a statement saying, ``I am deeply concerned that the revision of the law may damage the independence of the Science Council,'' and called on the government to reconsider the revision of the law and hold more discussions with the Science Council. I was.


Prime Minister Kishida visits Ukraine

2023-02-23 04:58:00
Since the start of Russia's military invasion, while the leaders of the G7 = seven major countries have visited Ukraine one after another, there has been a voice within the government that Prime Minister Kishida should visit before the Hiroshima Summit in May. and the adjustment is expected to continue.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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