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Political News(2023/04/01)

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Foreign Minister Lin arrives in Beijing for first meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang tomorrow

2023-04-01 18:20:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi arrived in Beijing, China on the evening of April 1st. On the 2nd, he had a meeting with Foreign Minister Qin Gang and conveyed his serious concerns about China's increasing military activities around Japan. I would like to confirm the continuation of


Opening ceremony of Fukushima education and research facility Prime Minister "Support to become a reconstruction base"

2023-04-01 16:29:00
An opening ceremony was held for an educational and research facility established by the government in Fukushima Prefecture. indicated intent.


From today to the new fiscal year What are the changes in the social security system such as medical care and pensions?

2023-04-01 06:02:00
From April 1 of the new fiscal year, the social security system such as medical care and pension will change.


Children and Family Agency launched today as control tower for child policy

2023-04-01 05:56:00
The Children and Family Agency, which will serve as the command center for child policy, will be launched on the 1st. It will play a role in planning and leading a wide range of child policies that should be tackled across ministries and agencies, including countermeasures against the declining birthrate.


Foreign Minister Lin leaves for China today to meet with Foreign Minister Qin Gang

2023-04-01 04:51:00
Foreign Minister Hayashi will leave Japan on April 1 to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang. This was the first visit by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to China in three years and three months, and while conveying serious concerns about China's military activities around Japan, it was confirmed that dialogue would continue with the aim of building a constructive and stable relationship. I want to


Voting for people with disabilities Supported by business establishments

2023-04-01 04:12:00
Voting for unified local elections will take place this month. At a business office for people with intellectual disabilities in Nara Prefecture, we are promoting efforts to connect people to voting by explaining the candidates to the users and accompanying them to the polling station.


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