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Political News(2023/06/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

Communist Shii Chairman "Next House of Representatives Election Reconstruction of Opposition Joint Struggle in Single-seat Constituency"

2023-06-24 17:08:00
Regarding the next House of Representatives election, Communist Party Chairman Shii indicated that he would like to increase the number of seats through proportional representation, and that he would like to work to rebuild opposition party unity in single-seat constituencies.


Government to introduce "active cyber defense" Experts' meeting considers legal development

2023-06-24 12:34:00
In order to strengthen security in cyberspace, the government will set up a new panel of experts and enact necessary laws to introduce “active cyber defense,” which takes preemptive countermeasures such as accessing systems before they occur. We are making adjustments to consider maintenance.


Government full-scale consideration of measures against dementia, securing opportunities for young patients to work, etc.

2023-06-24 10:43:00
In order to deal with dementia, which is increasing year by year, the government plans to begin full-scale consideration toward formulating a basic plan to promote measures.


Foreign Minister Hayashi to Consider Support for Ukraine “Recovery with Participation of Private Companies”

2023-06-24 06:01:00
Minister for Foreign Affairs Hayashi, who was visiting the UK and France to attend conferences on the reconstruction of Ukraine, said that the momentum for the participation of private companies in the reconstruction had increased, and he indicated that he would consider assistance while taking advantage of this trend. I was.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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