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Political News(2023/08/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

President Komei Yamaguchi meets with the President of the Philippines and agrees to strengthen security cooperation

2023-08-16 23:12:00
Komeito representative Yamaguchi, who is visiting the Philippines, held talks with President Marcos and, bearing in mind that China is stepping up its maritime expansion, the two countries need to strengthen cooperation not only in the economy but also in the area of ​​security. We agreed that there is.


Minor health insurance card "Association Kenpo" Information for about 400,000 people No strings attached

2023-08-16 21:42:00
Regarding the insurance card integrated with the My Number card, it was found that the information of about 400,000 people was not linked to the My Number in the "Association Kenpo" where employees of small and medium-sized enterprises joined. I was. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare took the matter seriously, citing the fact that member information was not provided to the association. Policy.


Liberal Democratic Party Abe faction continues to be absent from the chairman

2023-08-16 17:41:00
Former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Shiotani of the Liberal Democratic Party's Abe faction, who continues to be absent from the chairman, and former chairman of the political affairs research Shimomura, held a meeting before the general meeting of the faction on the 17th over the new management system. Although there was no consensus, it was confirmed that conflicts within factions were not desirable and that they would carefully gather their opinions.


"Children's human rights consultation" reception hours extended before the new semester Ministry of Justice

2023-08-16 10:02:00
From the end of summer vacation to the new semester, children are more likely to have anxiety and worries, so the Ministry of Justice will extend the reception hours for "children's human rights consultations" by telephone for one week from August 23. to


U.S. Secretary of State “Japan-U.S.-South Korea summit meeting can agree on efforts to strengthen security”

2023-08-16 07:44:00
U.S. Secretary of State Brinken said he expects to reach agreement on concrete measures to strengthen security in the Indo-Pacific region at the Japan-U.S.-South Korea trilateral summit to be held on the 18th of this month. .


Japan-U.S.-South Korea foreign ministers agree on coordination in coordination with online summit

2023-08-16 06:27:00
The foreign ministers of Japan, the United States, and South Korea held an online meeting on the night of the 15th, saying that cooperation among the three countries is becoming more important not only for dealing with North Korea but also for peace and stability in the region. The two leaders shared the view that they will work together to advance coordination toward the summit meeting to be held in the United States today.


Komei Yamaguchi will visit three Southeast Asian countries starting today

2023-08-16 05:39:00
Komeito representative Yamaguchi will leave Japan on the 16th to visit three Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia. I would like to deepen cooperative relations through meetings with government officials from various countries, and support the diplomacy of the Kishida administration.


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