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Political News(2023/09/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Government orders the dissolution of the former Unification Church, making final adjustments to request the court

2023-09-30 15:12:00
Regarding the issue surrounding the former Unification Church, the government has made final arrangements to request a court order to disband the church. We are considering holding a religious corporation council meeting as early as October 12th to hear opinions regarding the request.


Meiji Restoration “Former Unification Church property to be preserved for victim relief costs” bill to be submitted

2023-09-30 11:30:00
Regarding the issue surrounding the former Unification Church, the Japan Restoration Society has proposed a bill that would allow the church's assets to be preserved in the event that a dissolution order is requested for the church, so that the church's assets can be used to pay for the relief of victims. I have summarized it. The plan is to submit it to an extraordinary session of the Diet.


The Prime Minister announces his intention to propose a supplementary budget bill in the extraordinary Diet session, but the war of nerves continues over dissolution.

2023-09-30 06:04:00
Prime Minister Kishida announced his intention to submit a supplementary budget bill to support new economic measures to the autumn extraordinary Diet session. While there is a widespread view that it is unlikely that Prime Minister Kishida will dissolve the House of Representatives, there are still those who say that dissolution is possible if there is a good cause, and the war of nerves over dissolution is expected to continue.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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