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Political News(2024/01/06)

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Disaster Prevention Minister Matsumura applies the Disaster Victims Livelihood Reconstruction Support Act to Ishikawa Prefecture

2024-01-06 18:50:00
In response to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Disaster Prevention Minister Matsumura announced that the ``Disaster Victims Livelihood Reconstruction Support Act'' can now be applied to Ishikawa Prefecture without waiting for a damage certification investigation. Up to 3 million yen in support will be provided to households whose homes have been completely destroyed.


Former Deputy Minister of Justice Kakizawa now intends to admit charges of acquisition, which he had previously denied.

2024-01-06 17:27:00
The former Deputy Minister of Justice Miyuki Kakizawa, who was arrested for violating the Public Offices Election Act in connection with the Koto Ward mayoral election in Tokyo, has changed his mind to admit charges of bribing ward assembly members, etc., which he had previously denied. I found this out through interviews with people. Since he intends to admit charges regarding the posting of paid advertisements, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office's special investigation department is expected to proceed with clarifying the actual situation of the illegal election campaign led by Rep. Kakizawa.


“The Self-Defense Forces are operating with 5,400 personnel ready to respond at maximum and fastest speed” Defense Minister Kihara

2024-01-06 14:51:00
Minister of Defense Kihara told reporters at the Ministry of Defense on the morning of the 6th that the Self-Defense Forces had increased by 400 personnel from the 5th, bringing the total number to 5,400.


Prime Minister Kishida instructs to urgently secure transportation routes to eliminate isolated areas

2024-01-06 12:14:00
At the government's response headquarters in response to the Noto Peninsula earthquake, Prime Minister Kishida announced that the national government would take the prefecture's place in restoring the coastal highways managed by Ishikawa Prefecture, which were in a devastating state, in order to eliminate isolated areas. We instructed them to proceed with the work and to secure transportation routes as soon as possible.


Foreign Minister to announce diplomatic policy to strengthen cooperation with Nordic countries including security

2024-01-06 06:30:00
When Foreign Minister Kamikawa visits Finland next week, he will announce the ``Nordic Diplomacy Initiative,'' a diplomatic policy aimed at strengthening cooperation with the Nordic countries in a wide range of fields, including security.


Government to designate Noto Peninsula earthquake as ``severe disaster'' as early as next week

2024-01-06 05:52:00
In response to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, the government has decided to urgently expand support, including improving the environment at evacuation centers and constructing temporary housing. We will also take every possible precaution, including increasing the contingency fund in the new fiscal year's budget proposal, to ensure that our initiatives do not fall behind due to a lack of financial resources.


Noto Peninsula Earthquake: Contingency funds of 4.74 billion yen to be spent to support affected areas

2024-01-06 01:29:00
Finance Minister Suzuki visited the Prime Minister's Office on the morning of the 5th and discussed with Prime Minister Kishida regarding support for the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.


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