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Political News(2024/03/11)

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Liberal Democratic Party plans to appoint Takako Suzuki as Director of Youth Bureau as successor

2024-03-11 21:05:00
The Liberal Democratic Party attended a social gathering of young members, to which several female dancers were invited, and decided to appoint former State Minister for Foreign Affairs Takako Suzuki to replace the director of the Youth Bureau, who resigned.


Party support rate falls to 20% level, Rikun Democratic Party also fails to increase, NHK opinion poll

2024-03-11 19:35:00
Support rate for each party. "Liberal Democratic Party" 28.6%, "Constitutional Democratic Party" 6.8%, "Japan Restoration Party" 3.8%, "Komeito" 3.1%, "Communist Party" 2.8%, "People's Democratic Party" 1.2%, "Reiwa" 2.5% said "Shinsengumi," 0.6% said "Social Democratic Party," 0.4% said "Participant Party," and 42.4% said "I don't particularly support any political party."


Prime Minister Kishida “Immediately abolish the suspension of imports of Japanese marine products from China and other countries”

2024-03-11 19:26:00
On the 11th, marking 13 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Prime Minister Kishida stated that the suspension of imports of Japanese marine products taken by countries such as China in response to the discharge of treated water from the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean has no scientific basis. He expressed his intention to continue lobbying for its immediate abolition.


Former House of Representatives Speaker Oshima hopes to hold party leader debate “Give the people a choice”

2024-03-11 19:21:00
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Oshima gave a speech in Tokyo and expressed his hopes for the ``leadership debate'' between the Prime Minister and the opposition leader, pointing out that the discussion will clarify the leader's thoughts and lead to giving the people options. Ta.


Liberal Democratic Party Youth Affairs Bureau apologizes for social gathering of young parliamentarians “Thorough prevention of recurrence”

2024-03-11 19:16:00
After multiple female dancers were invited to a social gathering for young Liberal Democratic Party members held in Wakayama City last year, the party's youth bureau apologized, saying the entertainment was ``extremely inappropriate.'' In addition, I made a comment that I would take thorough measures to prevent it from happening again.


Bipartisan coalition launched to discuss amendments to the law stipulating procedures for retrials

2024-03-11 19:14:00
Retrial: Amid criticism that it takes a long time for trials to decide on a new trial, a bipartisan coalition of parliamentarians was established to provide prompt relief to victims of wrongful convictions, and established procedures for retrials. We decided to discuss amendments to the law, etc.


Kishida Cabinet “supports” 25% “disapproves” 57% Accountability at Political Ethics Commission

2024-03-11 19:00:00
According to an NHK opinion poll, 25% of people answered that they "support" the Kishida cabinet, unchanged from the February survey, while those who answered "not support" decreased by 1 point to 57%. was.


China's National People's Congress closes, passing legal amendments to ensure thoroughness of President Xi's guiding ideology

2024-03-11 18:15:00
The National People's Congress (National People's Congress) held in China closed on the 11th after approving a government activity report that set this year's economic growth rate target at around 5%. A bill to amend the law, which requires the Chinese government to enforce President Xi Jinping's guiding ideology, has also been passed, further increasing the concentration of power in the hands of President Xi.


Wakayama prefectural assembly member who invited female dancers to social gathering of young Liberal Democratic Party members leaves party

2024-03-11 16:58:00
Last year, it was revealed that several female dancers were invited to a social gathering for young members of the Liberal Democratic Party held in Wakayama City, and the Wakayama prefectural assembly member of the Liberal Democratic Party who had invited the dancers was accused of inappropriate behavior on the 11th. , left the party.


Prime Minister Kishida resolves at memorial service to “use lessons from the earthquake to become a disaster-resistant country”

2024-03-11 15:40:00
On the 11th, which marks 13 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, Prime Minister Kishida held a memorial service in Fukushima Prefecture, where he continued to do his best for reconstruction and shared the lessons of the earthquake, including how to respond to the Noto Peninsula earthquake. He expressed his determination to utilize this knowledge to build a nation resilient to disasters.


Foreign Minister Kamikawa's idea of ​​building a new system: "Public-private partnership to counter 'economic coercion'"

2024-03-11 12:41:00
Minister for Foreign Affairs Kamikawa gave a speech at a Keidanren meeting held in Tokyo, stating that public-private collaboration is essential to countering so-called "economic coercion," calling for close information exchange between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, overseas diplomatic missions, and companies. He proposed the idea of ​​building a new system to carry out this.


Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Moriyama presents ideas for strengthening support for earthquake-proofing school facilities

2024-03-11 12:38:00
Regarding the earthquake resistance of school facilities, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Moriyama stated at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on the 11th that it is important to prevent damage from structural parts such as pillars, walls and window glass, and measures will be taken in the new fiscal year's budget bill. He expressed his intention to strengthen support, including by appropriating expenses.


Far-right party makes great strides in Portugal's general election, nearly quadrupling its seats

2024-03-11 11:54:00
In the general election held in Portugal, the ruling party and the main opposition faction were at a crossroads in terms of votes, with far-right parties nearly quadrupling their seats, which is expected to have an impact on future negotiations for a coalition government.


House of Councilors Political Ethics Committee considering holding later this week, adjusting attendees, schedule, etc.

2024-03-11 05:55:00
The House of Councilors is considering holding a political ethics review committee later this week to provide explanations and questions from members regarding the issue surrounding political funding parties held by factions of the Liberal Democratic Party, and the ruling and opposition parties are expected to make adjustments regarding attendees, schedule, etc. is.


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