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Social News(2021/11/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Bulgarian night bus crashes into guardrail and burns 45 people dead

2021-11-23 20:50:00
In Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, a night bus crashed into a guardrail and burned on the 23rd, killing 45 people, including 12 children.


Hyogo killed two people Fire Investigated on suspicion of arson of substances like oil from futon

2021-11-23 19:28:00
On the 19th of this month, in Inami Town, Hyogo Prefecture, a house was burnt down and a body that seems to be a brother of an elementary school student was found. I did. Police are investigating suspected oil-like liquids that have been ignited, and continue to search for their whereabouts, assuming that their uncle knows something about it.


Pumice stone drifting "I can't go fishing" The widespread impact The people of Miyakejima are ...

2021-11-23 19:04:00
On the 23rd, on Miyakejima in the Izu Islands, Tokyo officials confirmed that pumice stones had been launched over about 5 meters on the sandy beach on the west side of the island. The city is becoming more vigilant about flowing into the harbor, saying that a large amount of wreckage is about to begin.


"World's Largest" Offshore Wind Power Generation Workboat Released Hiroshima Kure

2021-11-23 16:52:00
The world's largest workboat, which is under construction to install a wind power generation facility on the sea, was opened to the press in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture on the 23rd.


Children collect pumice stones on the beach "I want to return to the beautiful sea" Okinawa

2021-11-23 16:21:00
On the 23rd, local children collected pumice stones on the coast of an island in Motobu Town, Okinawa Prefecture, where a large amount of pumice stones were washed ashore.


Two people in Hyogo died Fire Immediately after the fire broke out, was it a male uncle on a security camera in the neighborhood?

2021-11-23 12:08:00
On the 19th of this month, a house was burnt down in Inami Town, Hyogo Prefecture, and a body that seems to be a brother of an elementary school student was found. I found out by interviewing people. Police are investigating on suspicion of arson and are searching for their whereabouts, assuming that their uncle knows something about it.


Be wary of storms and high waves in the center of northern Japan Is it snow in the center of the mountains on the Sea of ​​Japan side?

2021-11-23 07:07:00
Due to the influence of the developed low pressure system, the wind is strong mainly in northern Japan, and the waves continue to be high, so it is necessary to be cautious about storms and high waves. In addition, there is a risk of snow falling mainly along the mountains on the Sea of ​​Japan side from northern Japan to the Chugoku region, so it is necessary to prepare winter tires.


Hyogo 2 people died House fire Cause of death is carbon monoxide poisoning Died immediately after the fire broke out?

2021-11-23 05:13:00
Police said that the cause of death of both of them was carbon monoxide poisoning caused by inhaling smoke in a fire that burned down a house in Inami Town, Hyogo Prefecture on the 19th of this month and found the body of a brother of an elementary school student. I found out by investigating. Police are investigating the fire, assuming that it died shortly after the fire broke out in a short period of time, and are searching for the whereabouts of the uncle who has not been contacted.


Tsu City Council's largest parliamentary group apologizes for an error in the questionnaire that used the state affairs activity expenses

2021-11-23 05:01:00
On the 22nd, the representative of the parliamentary group who commissioned the investigation was found to have multiple errors and unnatural points in the contents of the citizen questionnaire conducted by the largest parliamentary group of the Tsu city council in Mie prefecture using the state affairs activity expenses. At the parliamentary group, he apologized, "I'm sorry for making the citizens suspicious and damaging their trust."


Ship greenhouse gas to virtually zero by 2050 Discussed by UN agencies

2021-11-23 04:57:00
A committee of the IMO = International Maritime Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, began on the 22nd to discuss the goal proposed by Japan and others to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of ships involved in international shipping to virtually zero by 2050. Is underway.


More than 7 billion yen for collection and disposal costs of pumice stones to be included in the supplementary budget

2021-11-23 04:51:00
In response to the large amount of pumice stones being washed ashore in Okinawa and Kagoshima prefectures, the supplementary budget for this year, which is being organized by the government, is an environment that subsidizes the cost of collecting and disposing of marine debris including pumice stones. Over 7 billion yen will be included in the provincial business.


PCB of toxic chemicals First detected in deep-sea bivalves Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

2021-11-23 04:44:00
The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology announced that PCB = polychlorinated biphenyl, which is a harmful chemical substance, was detected for the first time in bivalves living in the deep sea, and points out that it is necessary to conduct a detailed investigation in the deep sea in the future.


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