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Social News(2023/01/21)

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Passenger ship runs aground in shallow water One passenger slightly injured Shimane Oki Islands

2023-01-21 23:25:00
On the evening of the 21st, a passenger ship carrying a total of nine passengers and crew on the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture ran aground in shallow water while sailing, and one passenger was slightly injured. Although the passenger ship had a hole in its hull and was flooded, it was towed by another ship and arrived at a port in the Oki Islands.


Shizuoka Numazu Inappropriate childcare at childcare facility City to inspect on-site

2023-01-21 21:08:00
Last year, at a nursery school in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, it was found that the director and several nursery teachers were doing inappropriate childcare, such as pulling the cheeks of a 0-year-old child and scribbling on the face of the child. Numazu City will conduct an on-site audit to investigate the detailed situation.


The coldest of this winter from the 24th Heavy snow is likely to spread over a wide area Prepare early

2023-01-21 19:27:00
Due to the intensification of the winter-type atmospheric pressure pattern, from next Tuesday, the 24th, the strongest cold air of this winter will flow in, and the temperature will be lower than normal in a wide range of northern and western Japan, and there is a risk of heavy snow. Please pay attention to future information and prepare for snow and low temperatures early.


Tokyo Komae robbery murder case "Komae city" on mobile phone of suspect in another case

2023-01-21 19:11:00
In a robbery-murder case in which a 90-year-old woman was found dead with her hands tied at a house in Komae, Tokyo, messages believed to have been exchanged the day before in relation to this case were sent by another robber in Tokyo. An interview with investigative officials revealed that the cell phone of the suspect who was arrested on the 21st in the injury case was left. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating in detail the connection with the incident in Komae City.


Victim speaks

2023-01-21 17:24:00
Among the robbery and injury incidents that have occurred one after another in various parts of the Kanto region, a male victim in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture responded to the interview and clarified the details of the crime.


A girl falls unconscious from an escalator in a commercial facility Okinawa

2023-01-21 16:55:00
On the afternoon of the 21st, a 7-year-old girl who was riding an escalator at a large shopping mall in Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture fell from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor and became unconscious.


About 120 elementary and junior high school students from all over Japan participated in the summit

2023-01-21 16:28:00
Bullying at school hit a record high last year. Under these circumstances, an event was held where children from all over the country gathered to announce their efforts to eliminate bullying.


JR Joban Line restarted operation

2023-01-21 12:08:00
Due to the accident, the JR Joban Line, which had been suspended in some sections in Ibaraki Prefecture, resumed operation after 11:30 am.


Tokyo Komae Elderly robbery murder case Fingerprints and footprints of multiple people in the room

2023-01-21 11:59:00
On the 19th, a 90-year-old woman living in a house in Komae City, Tokyo was found murdered with her hands tied, and fingerprints and footprints of multiple people were left in the room of the house. This is what I learned from interviews with investigators. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the detailed situation as a crime by a group.


JR Joban Line Tokai Station-Hitachi Station Operation Suspended Due to Personal Accident

2023-01-21 11:07:00
The JR Joban Line has suspended operation on the up and down lines between Tokai Station in Tokai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture and Hitachi Station in Hitachi City due to an accident resulting in injury or death.


Tohoku Shinkansen resumes operation after 7 am Upper and lower lines between Sendai and Morioka

2023-01-21 07:19:00
The Tohoku Shinkansen suspended operation from the first train on the inbound and outbound lines between Sendai and Morioka due to deposits on the overhead wires, but resumed operation after 7:00 am.


Tohoku Shinkansen Sendai-Morioka Suspension of operation on up and down lines Deposits on overhead wires

2023-01-21 06:51:00
The Tohoku Shinkansen has suspended operation on the up and down lines between Sendai and Morioka from the first train at 6:53 am on the 21st due to the effects of deposits on the overhead wires at Furukawa Station in Miyagi Prefecture. According to JR, it is scheduled to reopen around 7:20 am.


Akita Shinkansen could not be operated due to power outage, this morning it will operate normally from the first train

2023-01-21 06:17:00
The Akita Shinkansen was unable to operate between Akita and Morioka due to a power outage caused by fallen trees in Iwate Prefecture around 9:30 pm on the 20th. Passengers spent up to two and a half hours in total darkness on trains that stopped at stations along the way. Restoration work is over, and it is operating as usual from the first train on the 21st.


Invasive red-eared slider and American crayfish banned from sale from June

2023-01-21 04:24:00
Regarding the alien species of red-eared turtles and American crayfish, the government has decided to prohibit their release and sale into rivers and ponds while allowing them to be raised and captured as conditional alien species from June this year.


Akita Shinkansen Morioka - Kakunodate upper and lower lines All day operation suspended due to power outage

2023-01-21 00:56:00
Due to the power outage, the Akita Shinkansen had suspended operation on the up and down lines between Morioka Station and Akita Station from around 9:30 pm on the 20th, but decided not to resume operation in this section on the night of the 20th. rice field. According to the JR East Morioka branch office, a fallen tree was found between Shizukuishi Station and Akabuchi Station in Iwate Prefecture.


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