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Social News(2023/03/19)

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Self-Defense Forces and U.S. Forces Announce Joint Exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan and at Sea

2023-03-19 17:13:00
The Ministry of Defense announced on the 19th that fighters of the Air Self-Defense Force and bombers of the United States Air Force conducted joint training over the Sea of ​​Japan. Joint exercises by naval vessels were also conducted, and it is said that the deterrence of the Japan-US alliance has been strengthened.


Children left behind on school bus About 40 minutes No injuries Hiroshima

2023-03-19 16:53:00
On the 18th, it was found that a child at an elementary school in Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture was left behind for about 40 minutes in a school bus. It is said that the children were not injured, but the city's board of education said, "We sincerely apologize and work to prevent recurrence."


Bicycle All people call for helmets before efforts are made mandatory in April

2023-03-19 16:04:00
An event was held in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo to call on elderly people, who have a low wearing rate, to wear helmets, before the obligatory effort to wear helmets for all people who ride bicycles from April.


A man cuts two women at a massage shop, steals cash, etc. and runs away Tokyo

2023-03-19 13:07:00
On the morning of the 19th, a man broke into a massage shop in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, cut a woman who was believed to be an employee with a knife, took cash and ran away. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the whereabouts of a man who escaped as a robbery injury case.


Cherry blossoms bloom in Osaka City Meteorological Observatory announced earlier than 2021

2023-03-19 12:26:00
The Osaka District Meteorological Observatory announced on the morning of the 19th that cherry blossoms had bloomed in Osaka. Eight days earlier than usual, the year before, it was the earliest flowering along with 2021.


Okayama Katsuo Town House burnt down Two people found dead Unable to contact residents

2023-03-19 12:06:00
On the night of the 18th, one house was burned down in Shoo-cho, Okayama Prefecture, and two people were found dead from the burnt ruins. The police are trying to identify the two people who live in this house because they have not been able to contact them.


Tokyo Shibuya precious metal shop robbery or 19-year-old suspect arrested ``Instructed'' statement

2023-03-19 11:28:00
On the 14th of this month, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of robbery, saying that he broke into a precious metal store in Shibuya, Tokyo with a knife and stole more than 3 million yen in cash and 40 million yen worth of necklaces. .


Ecuador M6.8 earthquake kills 14 people including collapsed houses, 1 dead in Peru

2023-03-19 10:57:00
In Ecuador, South America, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in the early morning of the 19th Japan time, and 14 people have died so far due to collapse of houses. In neighboring Peru, the damage is expanding, with one person confirmed dead.


Successful experiment with technology to efficiently deliver Alzheimer's drug to the brain

2023-03-19 08:24:00
A group at Tokyo Medical and Dental University has announced that it has succeeded in an experiment on mice that efficiently delivers an Alzheimer's disease drug to the brain by wrapping it in extremely small particles. Since new drugs for Alzheimer's disease are expensive to manufacture, it is said that this result will lead to the development of drugs that are effective even in small doses.


6.8 earthquake kills 4 in Ecuador, South America

2023-03-19 06:46:00
An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in Ecuador, South America, just after 2:00 am on the 19th of Japan time, and four people died so far, including the collapse of houses.


Fire in Okayama house One body found Unable to contact residents

2023-03-19 05:58:00
On the night of the 18th, one house was burned down in Shoo-cho, Okayama Prefecture, and one person was found dead from the burnt ruins. According to the police, they have not been able to contact the two people who live in this house, so they are trying to confirm their identities and are looking for the whereabouts of the other person.


Two people died in a fire in a house in Miyama City, Fukuoka, unable to contact the resident couple

2023-03-19 05:20:00
On the afternoon of the 18th, there was a fire that burned one house in Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and two people were found dead from the burnt ruins. Police are investigating the cause of the fire, as well as confirming the identity of the couple who died in this house.


Home fire killing 3 people in Nagano Arrested 32-year-old second son on suspicion of arson

2023-03-19 04:45:00
A house burned down in Nagano City on the 18th, and three people were found dead from the burnt ruins, and the police arrested a 32-year-old second son living in this house on suspicion of arson for setting fire to the house.


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