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Economic news(2021/01/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Japan-UK EPA = Economic Partnership Agreement Effective 1st

2021-01-01 14:01:00
The EPA = Economic Partnership Agreement, which was newly signed between the UK and Japan following the withdrawal of the UK from the EU = European Union, came into effect on the 1st.


First sale of corona sickness Lucky bag venue is set up separately Infection prevention measures to avoid congestion

2021-01-01 11:49:00
The annual first sale of the new year has begun at department stores in Tokyo. Measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, such as setting up a separate sales venue for lucky bags to avoid congestion.


New Year's card delivery begins 10% less than last year, decreasing for 12 consecutive years

2021-01-01 11:14:00
Delivery of New Year's cards began on New Year's Day, but the number of cards delivered nationwide on New Year's Day has decreased by more than 10% from last year's New Year's Day for the 12th consecutive year.


NY Stocks Dow Jones Industrial Average Highest Ever Price Closes 2020 Transactions

2021-01-01 07:39:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average on the New York stock market rose on the 31st, hitting a record high and closing the 2020 deal.


Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi “Discussion on energy issues including the ideal state of nuclear power plants”

2021-01-01 00:06:00
Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi said that as the structure of the economy and society changes drastically due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is important to accelerate digitalization and drastically discuss energy issues, including the ideal state of nuclear power, in order to achieve growth. I emphasized the idea of


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