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Economic news(2021/01/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Problems with "recruitment" Mitsubishi Heavy Industries immediately appeals for asset seizure

2021-01-03 19:14:00
A Korean court is proceeding with the procedure for seizure of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' assets due to the issue of "recruitment" during the Pacific War, while the company will ask the Korean court to suspend the procedure by the 3rd. Immediate appeal "was made.


"Basic energy plan" reviewed within the year Focusing on power supply combinations

2021-01-03 16:08:00
The government plans to review the national medium- to long-term energy policy "Basic Energy Plan" by the end of this year. The focus will be on how to combine power sources such as renewable energy and nuclear power toward the realization of a carbon-free society in 2050.


Government makes food tech a growth industry such as "alternative meat" and "land aquaculture"

2021-01-03 11:00:00
The government plans to start full-scale support measures in order to grow "Food Tech", which expands the possibilities related to "food" with cutting-edge technology, into a growing industry in Japan.


Declaration of emergency 1 To determine and consider the effect of requesting time reduction to 3 prefectures

2021-01-03 04:57:00
Following the spread of the new coronavirus, one metropolitan area and three prefectures requested the government to consider issuing a state of emergency. The government plans to consider whether to make a declaration while assessing the effects of the request for shortening business hours to restaurants in each of the three prefectures.


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