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Economic news(2021/01/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

Convenience store companies are forced to respond to the franchise contract renewal period

2021-01-09 21:45:00
Convenience stores have rapidly increased their store openings in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake 10 years ago, but many of the stores that opened at that time are about to renew their franchise agreements. However, it seems that some stores are not being renewed due to the aging of the owners of member stores, and each company is being forced to take action.


Global shortage of semiconductors Impacts such as reduced automobile production in the United States

2021-01-09 16:32:00
In response to the global shortage of semiconductors and the difficulty in procuring semiconductors for cars, Toyota Motor Corp. has announced a policy to reduce production of some car models in the United States, which will have an impact on each manufacturer. It's coming.


Number of restaurant visitors after 8:00 pm Decreased by more than 90% from last month 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures

2021-01-09 16:16:00
How did the number of customers at restaurants in Tokyo and 3 prefectures change on the 8th, the first Friday after the second state of emergency was declared? From the restaurant data, it was found that the number of visitors after 8:00 pm, when shortening of business hours was requested, decreased by more than 90% from last month. At the same level as last April when the first declaration was issued, it seems that many stores have responded to requests and customers have refrained from visiting.


Car sales in Europe were significantly sluggish last year due to the impact of the new Corona

2021-01-09 07:32:00
In Europe, the impact of the new coronavirus caused a significant drop across all major countries, with new car sales declining 19% in Germany, the largest market last year.


NY Dow Jones Industrial Average Deterioration of Employment Statistics Renews Highest in Expectations for Economic Measures

2021-01-09 06:48:00
In the New York stock market on the 8th, although employment statistics turned worse for the first time in 8 months, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was the highest for the third consecutive day due to the expectation that economic measures will be implemented under President-elect Biden. Updated the value.


Coordinating for a comprehensive business alliance between Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and NTT DoCoMo

2021-01-09 06:21:00
It was found that "Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ" and "NTT DoCoMo" are making adjustments toward a comprehensive business alliance in the financial business. The aim is to jointly sell mortgages and develop new services that utilize customer data.


State of emergency Closed at 8:00 pm Eating out chain To secure income by home delivery etc.

2021-01-09 06:11:00
In response to the state of emergency, the restaurant chain is closing its business at 8:00 pm, but after that, there is a movement to continue taking it home and delivering it to home to secure sales as much as possible.


Adjustment by lump-sum payment Declaration of sales decrease Sales of restaurants, etc. Government

2021-01-09 05:10:00
With the declaration of an emergency to one of the three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the government has set conditions such as a decrease in sales to business partners of restaurants that have shortened business hours and businesses affected by refraining from going out. Adjustments have been made in the direction of providing a lump sum of up to several hundred thousand yen.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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