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Economic news(2021/01/30)

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New Corona Increasingly Severe Restaurant There is also a move to maintain employment by transferring business

2021-01-30 18:49:00
As the environment surrounding restaurants is becoming more severe, such as the spread of the new coronavirus infection has forced us to shorten business hours, we will maintain store sales and employee employment by transferring the business to other companies as it is. There are a lot of movements to try.


Dispatching human resources from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas To support with corona damage

2021-01-30 11:23:00
The national system for dispatching experienced personnel from large companies and major banks to local SMEs has begun in earnest. The aim is to support companies that are forced to change their business models due to the effects of the new coronavirus.


NY Stocks US Media "Individuals Defeat Wall Street"

2021-01-30 11:14:00
Unusual price movements have occurred in certain stocks, including a surge in stock prices of poorly performing companies in the New York stock market this week. The background is a large number of buy orders from individual investors connected via SNS, and the ripples are spreading as the authorities start investigating.


Honda continues to reduce production due to global semiconductor shortage Mazda is also expected to reduce production

2021-01-30 08:58:00
Honda has decided to suspend production at its main plant in Mie Prefecture for five days next month, saying that parts procurement has been delayed due to a global shortage of semiconductors. Mazda is also expected to cut production next month for the same reason, further affecting automakers.


Cheap smartphone price cuts one after another Competition intensifies against major companies

2021-01-30 06:52:00
Rakuten has announced a new plan to gradually reduce the price according to the amount of data used, and all major companies have started to reduce the price. To counter this, so-called cheap smartphone companies are also cutting prices one after another, and competition is intensifying.


New York Stock Market Dow Jones Industrial Average Drops Over $ 600

2021-01-30 06:46:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than $ 600 to below the $ 30,000 mark as the New York stock market on the 29th continued to be confused over speculative trading issues for individual investors. ..


National insolvency hit record high for 13 consecutive years End of last year 591 trillion yen

2021-01-30 04:55:00
According to the financial situation of the country at the end of last year and the end of 2019, which was compiled by the Ministry of Finance in the settlement format of private companies, the amount of insolvency in which debt exceeds assets reached a record high of over 591 trillion yen for 13 consecutive years. .. This year, the amount of government bonds issued is increasing due to measures against the new coronavirus, so the scale of insolvency is likely to increase further.


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