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Economic news(2021/01/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Valentine's Day Sales" Full-scale Response of Department Stores

2021-01-31 20:34:00
The chocolate sales season for Valentine's Day is in full swing. Department store companies are strengthening their lineup of products that incorporate changes in lifestyles caused by the new coronavirus, such as products that are sent by mail avoiding face-to-face contact and sets that are handmade from cacao beans using the time spent at home.


Panasonic solar cell production to withdraw within next year

2021-01-31 14:48:00
Panasonic has decided to withdraw from the production of solar cells, which are the key to solar power generation, within the next fiscal year due to the deterioration of profitability due to price competition with Chinese manufacturers.


China January manufacturing business sentiment index falls below previous month for 2 consecutive months

2021-01-31 12:53:00
China's January manufacturing business sentiment index fell below the previous month for the second straight month. Although the level has exceeded the milestone level of economic judgment, the improvement in business sentiment has temporarily stagnated due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.


"Shinkansen office" demonstration experiment to start on the 1st Dedicated vehicle for the Tohoku Shinkansen

2021-01-31 11:38:00
As new work styles such as telework spread in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, JR East will set up a dedicated vehicle for calling and video conferencing on the Tohoku Shinkansen and will start a demonstration experiment to explore demand from February 1. became.


Unauthorized access to a game operated by Tokyo Gas Leaked personal information of more than 10,000 people

2021-01-31 00:11:00
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. announced that it has been confirmed that the personal information of more than 10,000 members, such as e-mail addresses, has been leaked due to unauthorized access to games operated on its website.


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