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Economic news(2021/02/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

Google Agreed with multiple media outlets in Japan Distributing articles paying royalties

2021-02-11 16:32:00
Google, a major IT company in the United States, has announced that it has agreed to partner with multiple Japanese media outlets for a service that distributes articles from affiliated news media after paying a usage fee.


Myanmar large-scale protest demonstration continues Factory operation suspension of Japanese companies one after another

2021-02-11 11:49:00
In Myanmar, large-scale demonstrations are continuing to protest the military that carried out the coup. Due to political instability caused by the coup d'etat, local Japanese companies have stopped operating factories one after another, and their businesses are beginning to be affected.


NY stock market Dow Jones Industrial Average hits high again for the first time in 2 days

2021-02-11 06:20:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average on the New York stock market on the 10th rose slightly and hit a new high again.


State of emergency Businesses subject to the lump sum payment method of application

2021-02-11 05:38:00
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has announced potential businesses and application methods for lump-sum payments to be paid to business partners of restaurants whose business hours have been shortened due to the declaration of an emergency. In order to prevent fraudulent receipts, a third party will also check the business conditions of the business before applying.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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