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Economic news(2021/06/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

56% of votes against the chairman of the board of directors Nagayama, who rejected the reappointment of Toshiba shareholders' meeting

2021-06-28 19:47:00
At a shareholders' meeting held last week, Toshiba revealed that 56% of the votes were against Mr. Osamu Nagayama, chairman of the board of directors, who was denied reappointment. The number of votes against the other board member who was rejected exceeded 70%, suggesting that shareholders' opposition to corporate governance was great.


Yen exchange rate Small price movements Movements are limited by export companies, etc.

2021-06-28 18:45:00
On the 28th of the week, the yen exchange rate on the Tokyo foreign exchange market was modest against the dollar.


Cooperation between Seven & i and NTT Solar power generation at 40 convenience stores

2021-06-28 18:35:00
With decarbonization becoming a major issue in the industrial world, major distribution companies and major telecommunications companies have begun efforts to supply electricity used at convenience stores from solar power plants for a long period of time.


To strengthen the development of "methanation" technology to produce decarbonized synthetic methane

2021-06-28 18:24:00
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has a public-private council with major gas companies and trading companies regarding a technology called "methanation" that synthesizes carbon dioxide and hydrogen to produce methane, which is a raw material for city gas, toward the realization of decarbonization. Was established to strengthen research and development.


Stock price small price movement

2021-06-28 16:04:00
On the 28th of the week, the Tokyo stock market and stock prices moved slightly.


First Sunday after the transition to priority measures such as spread prevention, the number of people increased at many points

2021-06-28 14:51:00
In Tokyo and Osaka, where the state of emergency has shifted to priority measures such as prevention of spread, the number of people increased from a week ago at many points on the 27th, the first Sunday.


A series of opinions pointing out the need for climate change response at the BOJ's June meeting

2021-06-28 10:25:00
The Bank of Japan has announced the main views of this month's monetary policy meeting, which has decided to introduce a new funding mechanism to address climate change issues. There were a number of opinions pointing out the need, such as "Responding to climate change should be linked to the mission of the central bank."


Yen exchange rate at the beginning of the week

2021-06-28 10:15:00
The yen exchange rate on the 28th of the week in the Tokyo foreign exchange market has been modest.


Tokyo stock market at the beginning of the week Small price movements

2021-06-28 10:11:00
The Nikkei Stock Average on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 28th of the week has been moving slightly.


VR and AI are used for public works. Digital technology is used to improve efficiency.

2021-06-28 07:02:00
As the labor shortage in the construction industry continues, there is a growing movement to improve work efficiency with cutting-edge digital technologies such as VR = virtual reality in public works projects on rivers and roads.


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