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Economic news(2021/08/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

High wholesale prices of vegetables affected by long rains in Honshu and heat in Hokkaido

2021-08-24 20:34:00
Due to the long rains in Honshu in the middle of this month and the record heat in Hokkaido last month, wholesale vegetable prices are higher than normal.


Business tie-up between Resona HD and Keiyo Bank Make it possible to make transactions such as remittances with a smartphone

2021-08-24 19:02:00
Resona Holdings, a major financial company, and Keiyo Bank, which has its head office in Chiba City, have entered into a business alliance centered on the digital field, such as smartphone apps that allow remittances.


Yen exchange rate rises slightly

2021-08-24 18:30:00
The yen's exchange rate rose slightly against the dollar as the view that the pace of economic recovery in the United States slowed down in the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 24th.


July PC shipments declined for 4 consecutive months Demand for schools calmed down

2021-08-24 17:08:00
More than 580,000 PCs were shipped in Japan in July, falling below the same month of the previous year for four consecutive months. The main factor is that demand for schools has settled down, but some manufacturers are delaying shipments of some models due to a global shortage of semiconductors, and there are concerns about future impacts.


Stock price rise 237.86 yen higher than 23rd

2021-08-24 16:10:00
The stock price of the Tokyo stock market on the 24th has risen.


Methane Reduction To Establish International Framework US and EU Coordination Request for Participation from Japan

2021-08-24 06:00:00
The United States and the EU-European Union aim to reduce global emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to 2020 for "methane," which is said to have a greenhouse effect more than 20 times that of carbon dioxide. It turned out that we are coordinating to establish an international framework and are requesting Japan to participate.


Capital investment by semiconductor manufacturers In a series of specialty fields such as image sensors

2021-08-24 04:32:00
As the shortage of semiconductors becomes more serious worldwide, Japanese manufacturers are embarking on large-scale capital investment in semiconductors in some fields that they are good at, such as image sensors for smartphones and storage media called flash memory. There are a lot of movements.


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