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Economic news(2021/09/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Aeon subsidiary and "Fuji" management integration of supermarket development in Chugoku and Shikoku

2021-09-01 20:27:00
A basic agreement was reached between the supermarket, a subsidiary of the major distribution company Aeon, and Fuji, which operates supermarkets in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions, to integrate their businesses.


Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Renewable Energy Investment 300 billion yen scale fund management company established

2021-09-01 19:11:00
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ announced that it has established a new company to manage a fund of up to 300 billion yen to invest in the renewable energy business.


Yen exchange rate falls and US dollars are bought due to rising long-term interest rates in the US

2021-09-01 18:18:00
The yen exchange rate fell on September 1st in the Tokyo foreign exchange market.


Toward the industrialization of "quantum" technology Establishing a council that transcends industry To strengthen international competitiveness

2021-09-01 17:43:00
On the 1st, a council was established in which telecommunications companies and electric appliance manufacturers participated in order to create a new industry with "quantum" technology, which is expected to be the basis of next-generation information and communication. The aim is to enhance international competitiveness by collaborating across industry boundaries.


"Eiichi Shibusawa" Portrait New 10,000 Yen Bill Printing Begins State-of-the-art technology to prevent counterfeiting

2021-09-01 17:15:00
Printing of the newly designed 10,000-yen note, which is scheduled to be issued in the first half of 2024, began on the 1st. State-of-the-art technology has been introduced into new banknotes for the purpose of preventing counterfeiting.


Nikkei Stock Average rises by 300 yen or more Movement to buy back cheap stocks

2021-09-01 16:08:00
In the Tokyo stock market on the 1st, there was a movement to buy back mainly stocks that seemed to be cheap, and the Nikkei Stock Average rose by more than 300 yen.


Domestic companies April-June capital investment increased by 5.3% Ordinary income is also the second highest level in the past

2021-09-01 11:42:00
According to the Ministry of Finance's Corporate Enterprise Statistics Survey, capital investment by domestic companies from April to June increased by 5.3% from the same period last year, the first increase in five quarters, and ordinary income was also the second highest level in the past. became.


Domestic companies April-June capital investment increased for the first time in 5 quarters Corporate Enterprise Statistics Survey

2021-09-01 09:15:00
According to a corporate statistics survey released by the Ministry of Finance, capital investment by domestic companies from April to June increased by 5.3% from the same period last year.


Windows 11 will be available from 5th next month Renewal will be the first in about 6 years

2021-09-01 08:47:00
Microsoft, a major US IT company, announced that it will start offering the next-generation PC basic software "Windows 11" from the 5th of next month.


Digital Agency established In anticipation of data disclosure in countries, etc. Private development is active

2021-09-01 07:00:00
The Digital Agency, which will be launched on the 1st, will not only digitize administrative services, but also disclose various data held by the national and local governments to promote their use in the private sector. With this in mind, companies are actively developing experiments and systems to connect to new services.


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