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Economic news(2021/09/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Linear problem The heads of nine municipalities in the Oi River basin and the president of JR Central exchange opinions for the first time.

2021-09-18 21:07:00
Regarding the construction of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, the head of a local government in the basin of the Oi River, where Shizuoka Prefecture is concerned about the impact on water resources, and President Shin Kaneko of JR Central exchanged opinions for the first time, and the local government gave a sufficient explanation. The voices of the residents who asked for it were conveyed.


"Hydrogen engine" car Participated in car race Mie Suzuka

2021-09-18 18:05:00
As the movement toward decarbonization is accelerating worldwide, cars with a "hydrogen engine" that uses hydrogen, which is expected as next-generation energy, as fuel and emits almost no carbon dioxide will be released in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture on the 18th and 19th. I am participating in an open car race.


10 years after protests to close NY economic disparity Rally again near financial district

2021-09-18 12:25:00
It has been 10 years since the protests to close the economic disparity occurred in the financial district of New York, USA in 2011, and the participants of the former protests held a rally again, and the disparity has not been closed yet. I complained.


Request SBI to extend Shinsei Bank TOB period SBI will not respond

2021-09-18 05:26:00
On the 17th, Shinsei Bank decided to introduce takeover defense measures to counter the TOB = takeover bid by SBI Holdings, a major online finance company, and requested SBI to extend the TOB period. On the other hand, SBI has a policy of not accepting extensions as it is time-earning.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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