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Economic news(2021/10/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Yen exchange rate rises somewhat. Inflation concerns in Europe and the United States ease for the time being

2021-10-07 18:55:00
In the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 7th, concerns about inflation in Europe and the United States have eased for the time being, and the rise in long-term interest rates in the United States has subsided. The price has increased.


“Absorbing CO2 with seaweed, etc. for emissions trading” Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism begins consideration

2021-10-07 18:39:00
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has begun studying an initiative called "blue carbon" that increases the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by seagrass and other substances to help combat global warming. We aim to create a system to trade the reduced amount of carbon dioxide obtained from the conservation activities of tidal flats and seagrass beds as emission credits.


BOJ cuts economic judgments in five regions Branch managers' meeting

2021-10-07 17:42:00
The Bank of Japan has released the "Regional Economic Report" and lowered its economic judgment in five of the nine regions: Tohoku, Tokai, Kinki, China, and Kyushu / Okinawa. The spread of infection in the summer has affected the lack of personal consumption and the reduction in production by automobile manufacturers.


Lawson liquor and tobacco self-registration sales labor saving due to labor shortage

2021-10-07 17:25:00
Due to the labor shortage, the major convenience store "Lawson" has decided to introduce a system that allows the clerk to handle alcohol and tobacco sold face-to-face at self-registration.


Stock price rises for the first time in 9 business days

2021-10-07 16:08:00
Investor sentiment improved from the view that the US government would be prevented from defaulting on the Tokyo stock market on the 7th, and the Nikkei Stock Average rose for the first time in 9 business days.


August Business Conditions Index declines for 2 consecutive months Economic judgment remains unchanged

2021-10-07 16:04:00
As for the business conditions index in August, the index showing the current state of the economy fell 2.9 points from the previous month due to the difficulty in procuring parts due to the spread of infection in Southeast Asia and the decrease in automobile production. It was the month-long decline. However, the economic judgment has been left unchanged from the previous expression of "indicating improvement."


Suzuki Approximately 410,000 units Reported improvement measures There is a risk that the engine cannot be restarted

2021-10-07 15:24:00
Suzuki, an automobile manufacturer, said that there is a risk that the engine will not be able to restart after idling stop due to a malfunction of the engine control program. I have reported it.


"Japan-US Business People Conference" Closed Adopted Joint Statement Calling for US Return to TPP

2021-10-07 14:09:00
The "Japan-US Business Council" has closed, and the business community has adopted a joint statement that includes a request for the United States to return to the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.


Automatically display options with low CO2 emissions by Google map route search

2021-10-07 14:03:00
Google, a major US IT company, announced that it will introduce a function that automatically displays options with low carbon dioxide emissions for route search and airline ticket reservation search of its map application.


Nikkei Stock Average Rise Over 400 Yen From the Viewpoint of Avoiding US Government Debt Default

2021-10-07 12:24:00
In the Tokyo stock market on the 7th, investor sentiment has improved from the view that the US government may be prevented from defaulting, and the Nikkei Stock Average has risen sharply.


Soaring natural gas prices in Europe temporarily hit record highs, affecting civilian life

2021-10-07 10:23:00
The price of natural gas is soaring in Europe against the backdrop of rising demand due to the resumption of economic activity, and on the 6th, it temporarily reached a record high. Since natural gas is used for power generation, it is affecting the lives of citizens through rising electricity prices.


The Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily dropped by more than $ 400, but the price started to rise and the transaction ended.

2021-10-07 05:51:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than $ 400 at one point due to concerns about inflation on the New York stock market on the 6th, but it was repurchased as the government's fear of defaulting was eased, and the price rose. I turned to and finished the transaction.


China's real estate market continues to sway Partial defaults other than Evergrande

2021-10-07 05:40:00
In China, the turmoil over the real estate market has not subsided, as the stock trading of the real estate giant "Evergrande Group", which is in financial difficulty, continues to be suspended, and another real estate company defaults on some of its debts. Hmm.


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