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Economic news(2021/10/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

NY Stock Market Dow Jones Industrial Average hits new highs for the first time in about two months

2021-10-23 05:39:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen for about two months in the New York stock market on the 22nd, as the company's recent earnings announcement has performed well and some concerns over the financial difficulties of Chinese real estate giants have eased. The highest price was updated for the first time.


G7 Trade Ministers' Meeting First Joint Statement on Forced Labor with China in mind

2021-10-23 05:19:00
G7 = A meeting of trade ministers from seven major countries was held to put together a joint statement with China in mind, stating that they would "share concerns about forced labor by the state." This is the first time the G7 has put together a joint statement on forced labor, and it seems that the major countries are united to show their willingness to seek improvement from the Chinese side.


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