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Economic news(2021/11/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

RCEP "effective January 1st next year" announced China will also participate in the birth of a huge trading zone

2021-11-03 21:04:00
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially announced that the necessary procedures for RCEP = Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, in which Japan, China, and ASEAN will participate, will come into effect on January 1, next year. This will create a huge trading zone where Japan and China will join.


Vaccination certification app to be provided by a major non-life insurance company

2021-11-03 12:01:00
SOMPO Holdings, a major non-life insurance company, is launching an app to prove vaccination. We would like to include a function to distribute coupons, expand the application widely in cooperation with local governments and restaurants, and support both prevention of infection spread and economic revitalization.


U.S. Yahoo withdrawal from China In strengthening control over IT companies

2021-11-03 08:28:00
With the enforcement of laws in China that tighten the handling of personal information with IT companies in mind, Yahoo Japan in the United States withdrew from services such as blogs and apps in China on November 1.


NY Stock Market Dow Jones Industrial Average Highs First Over $ 36,000 at Closing

2021-11-03 06:09:00
The New York stock market on the 2nd received buy orders due to expectations for the future of the economy, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average exceeded $ 36,000 for the first time at the closing price.


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