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Economic news(2022/01/22)

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Lithuanian rum Taiwan buys and is expected to refuse exports to China

2022-01-22 17:57:00
Taiwan's branch office was opened and one of the three Baltic states whose relations with China are deteriorating, Lithuania's rum exported to China is expected to be denied customs clearance, Taiwan bought it instead. We are working to further strengthen our relationships through support and other means.


Intel invests 2.2 trillion yen to build a semiconductor factory New base in Japan for the first time in 40 years

2022-01-22 14:08:00
As the global semiconductor shortage continues, Intel, the world's largest semiconductor maker, has announced that it will invest more than 2.2 trillion yen in Japanese yen to build a new semiconductor factory in Ohio in the Midwest.


Even with a high economic growth rate, about 30% of revenue is estimated by the Ministry of Finance of Government Bonds.

2022-01-22 11:52:00
Even if a nominally higher economic growth rate of 3% is achieved against the backdrop of continued swelling of expenditures such as social security expenses, government bonds will account for about 30% of the revenue in FY7, and severe financial management will continue. The outlook was found by the Ministry of Finance's estimates.


New York Mayor First salary is "Bitcoin"

2022-01-22 11:08:00
Mayor Adams, who took office this month as Mayor of New York in the United States, has revealed that he will receive his first salary in crypto assets such as Bitcoin.


Dow Jones Industrial Average falls for 6 consecutive business days, cautionary about monetary tightening to curb inflation

2022-01-22 08:02:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell on the 21st as optimism about the future of corporate performance receded, as well as caution about a faster pace of monetary tightening to curb inflation. The price has dropped for 6 consecutive business days.


TotalEnergies withdrawal from Myanmar's natural gas business due to worsening human rights situation

2022-01-22 07:56:00
French energy giant Total has announced that it has decided to withdraw from its business in Myanmar, where military crackdowns on civilians continue, due to the deteriorating local human rights situation.


The world's first Japanese carrier carrying liquefied hydrogen arrives in Australia

2022-01-22 07:27:00
The world's first carrier that liquefies and carries hydrogen, which is expected to be the next-generation energy that does not emit carbon dioxide even when burned, has arrived from Japan to Australia. A demonstration experiment to produce hydrogen from coal is underway at the site, and the carrier is expected to load liquefied hydrogen and return to Japan next month.


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