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Economic news(2022/01/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Passenger car tire price increases A series of soaring crude oil prices have an impact

2022-01-23 11:12:00
Due to the soaring crude oil prices, rubber prices continue to remain high, and domestic tire manufacturers are moving to raise the prices of passenger car tires one after another.


Introduced a common index that can compare the operational status of the Financial Services Agency "foreign currency-denominated insurance"

2022-01-23 11:04:00
The Financial Services Agency has decided to introduce a common index that allows comparison of the investment status of each financial institution that sells "foreign currency-denominated insurance" that is invested in foreign currencies such as dollars. Since there are problems related to the risk of loss of principal, we aim to strengthen our customer protection efforts.


Financial market where the Bank of Japan was shaken by "rate hike ??" [Economic reporter column]

2022-01-23 01:21:00
A "market curious" corner where you can understand the movements of financial markets. In the week of the 17th, the foreign exchange market shook sharply with the BOJ's observation of a "rate hike debate." Is it possible to revise the BOJ's long-standing monetary easing? I dug a little deeper into the suspicion of the market. (Keiichiro Furuichi, Reporter, Ministry of Economic Affairs)


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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