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Economic news(2022/06/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

To hold the WTO Ministerial Meeting Focus on whether we can show a consensus policy such as dealing with food shortages

2022-06-12 17:59:00
WTO = World Trade Organization will hold a ministerial meeting in Switzerland for the first time in about four and a half years from the 12th. The focus will be on responding to the food shortage caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and whether or not it can show a consistent policy regarding the philosophy and importance of free trade.


"Internet Explorer" support ends on 16th

2022-06-12 16:56:00
Support for the Internet browsing software "Internet Explorer" will end on the 16th of this month. Since the program will not be updated and the risk of virus infection will increase, Microsoft, the software supplier, is calling for the use of new browsing software.


To open a new hamburger store using McDonald's store withdrawal from Russia

2022-06-12 10:16:00
In Moscow, the capital of Russia, a new Russian-owned hamburger chain will open on the 12th, using some of the stores of McDonald's, a major American hamburger chain that has withdrawn.


IPEF Informal Meeting Expecting Sustainable Economic Growth

2022-06-12 10:09:00
The Biden administration in the United States will hold an informal ministerial meeting in France with related countries such as Japan on the new economic cooperation IPEF = Indo-Pacific economic framework with China in mind, and sustainable economic growth will be brought about. I showed expectations for things such as that.


The actual situation of ESG investment is "green wash" female [economic column]

2022-06-12 01:05:00
A certain news from Germany, an environmentally advanced country, has become a hot topic among market participants. A German financial giant has been searched by the authorities for ESG investment. "Did the authorities embark on the elimination of greenwash =" just-named ESG investment "? It's time to sort out from the boom." An executive at a financial institution says. What exactly is happening? (Neil Kato, Reporter, Ministry of Economic Affairs)


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