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Economic news(2022/12/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

Drones can now fly in residential areas

2022-12-04 19:30:00
Drones have become a hot topic in recent times. The most advanced flight called "Level 4" will finally be lifted from December 5th. How will our lives change when we reach 'Level 4'? Will products ordered on smartphones be delivered to the eaves of the house? On the other hand, what about our security? I will tell you in detail what "Level 4", which is said to be "the dawn of the drone era", is like. (Reporter Teppei Yamashita, News Department)


Mentaiko long-established stores continue to move back to Japan

2022-12-04 18:03:00
With the weaker yen and soaring overseas labor costs, Japanese companies are moving to return to Japan one after another. A long-established Fukuoka company that manufactures and sells mentaiko, a Hakata specialty, has decided to transfer part of the production process, which has been carried out in Asia for about 40 years, to Japan. It has spread to a wide range of industries, including related industries.


[Economic column]

2022-12-04 00:19:00
This year's "New Word / Buzzword Award" was announced on December 1st. In terms of economics, "bad yen depreciation" entered the top 10. The rapid depreciation of the yen pushed up prices and stagnated consumption. This year, I think there were many occasions when the disadvantages of the yen's depreciation were discussed. So what happened to the stock market? There was a market that was different from past yen depreciation phases. (Economic Department reporter Mitsutaka Saito)


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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