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Economic news(2023/11/03)

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Apple's 3-month financial results, 4th consecutive year of sales decline, PC sales down 34%

2023-11-03 08:47:00
American IT giant Apple's financial results for the three months to September this year showed that while sales of smartphones and video distribution were strong, sales of other products were sluggish, including a significant decline in sales of PCs. , sales decreased for the fourth consecutive year.


Marketer Tsuyoshi Morioka Build your strengths by honing them

2023-11-03 08:01:00
Marketer Tsuyoshi Morioka. He is a marketer who is said to be the ``strongest of modern times.'' He has achieved results at numerous companies using his ``marketing'' skills, which involve analyzing consumer needs, formulating strategies, and generating profits. The industry is wide-ranging, and at a theme park in Osaka that was experiencing financial difficulties, they successfully launched one project after another, including attractions that made use of games and anime characters. The udon chain has brought to the fore the unique feature of making udon at its stores, resulting in a V-shaped recovery in sales. The amusement parks in Saitama Prefecture have taken advantage of their age and made them shine again as retro amusement parks with a sense of nostalgia and warmth. However, Morioka says, ``At first, I was not good at reading consumer psychology.'' Mr. Morioka, who continues to take on challenges at the forefront of business, how did he overcome these weaknesses and hone his strengths? And what message do you want to convey to young people now? (Interviewer: Announcer Kozo Takase, Interviewer: Announcer Satoshi Sakamoto)


NY Dow Jones Industrial Average rises by more than $500, easing concerns about prolonged inflation

2023-11-03 07:32:00
On the 2nd, the New York stock market saw an increase in buying orders as concerns about prolonged inflation in the United States eased, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose significantly by more than 500 points.


Tamron's former president and former president diverted over 160 million yen for personal use?

2023-11-03 02:58:00
Tamron, a camera lens manufacturer listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market, has released an investigation report by a special investigation committee made up of lawyers and others. The report points out that the former president and his predecessor, the former president, diverted a total of more than 160 million yen from eating and drinking activities with women or alone, leaving the company with the burden. doing.


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