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Economic news(2023/11/19)

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Minister Takaichi ``hastens preparations for next year's bill submission'' to prevent cutting-edge technology leakage

2023-11-19 12:11:00
In a Sunday debate on NHK, Minister of Economic Security Takaichi spoke about the importance of a system called ``security clearance,'' which checks in advance the trustworthiness of people handling important information at companies, etc., with the aim of preventing the leakage of cutting-edge technology. After emphasizing the importance of this system, he expressed his intention to hurry up preparations to submit the bill necessary to create the system in next year's regular session of the Diet.


SoftBank's landline phones restored; hundreds of thousands of lines in eastern Japan temporarily out of order

2023-11-19 05:54:00
The landline phone service provided by SoftBank had been unavailable or difficult to use in areas of eastern Japan since the afternoon of the 18th, but the company announced that all services had been restored before 4 a.m. on the 19th. Did.


Will personal financial assets of 2,100 trillion yen move? [Economic column]

2023-11-19 04:16:00
Japan's personal financial assets have ballooned to over 2,100 trillion yen. Up until now, it has been said that many people have a strong tendency to "emphasize cash and deposits" and take a conservative investment stance. However, seeing that there may finally be a shift from savings to investment in Japan, overseas asset management companies are starting to move one after another. We interviewed overseas companies to find out what their goals are, how domestic asset management companies are responding to this situation, and how they are responding to changes in the environment. (Economics Department, Hiroaki Tsuboi)


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